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Award of Arms05/21/2016Calontir


(Dale Gibson)
Act of Dedication05/17/2006Vatavia


Dana Latona
Act of Dedication07/10/1983Vatavia
Award of Arms02/18/1984Calontir
Golden Heart09/13/1986Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan11/14/1987Calontir
Victory In Competition11/21/1987Vatavia


Dana of Napoli
Act of Dedication11/16/2005Vatavia

Daniel Martel
Green Cord10/19/2011Vatavia


Daniel zer Sunnen
Act of Dedication04/23/2006Vatavia
Act of Promise08/16/2006Vatavia


Darius van Delphin
Darius van Delphin

Name was registered in June of 2016, A.S. LI.

Blazon:Azure, a pall vairy en pointe Or and purpure, overall a dragon displayed maintaining in each hind foot a mullet argent. Arms was registered in April of 2017, A.S. LI.

Act of Dedication05/17/2006Vatavia
Award of Arms08/31/2019Calontir


Daryl Friesen
Act of Dedication06/16/2004Vatavia


(Dave Rosendale)
Act of Dedication07/17/2002Vatavia


Davey of Westumbria
Green Cord


(David Anderson)
Act of Dedication12/17/2008Vatavia


David MacRuairdhri
Act of Dedication05/17/2000Vatavia
Kestrel Degree06/21/2000Calontir
Victory In Competition09/18/2002Vatavia


David Nevill the Chaste
Blazon: Gyronny azure and argent, a saltire dovetailed counterchanged, issuant from base a demi-sun in splendor Or
Award of Arms09/04/1988Calontir
Act of Dedication11/12/1988Vatavia


David 'The Silent' of Ravenscroft
Award of Arms06/13/1981Calontir
Act of Dedication04/04/1982Vatavia
Golden Heart09/04/1982Vatavia


(Debbie Rosendale)
Act of Dedication07/17/2002Vatavia


Decimus Sentius Vespillio
Act of Dedication09/27/2009Vatavia


DeDe of the Blackhearts

Also Known as: Lady D
Act of Dedication10/18/2006Vatavia


Deidra of Bonwicke Deirdre de Warenne

Name was registered in April of 1994, A.S. XXVIII.

Also known as: Deirdre the Easily Distracted, Deidra of Bonwicke

Blazon: Per saltire sable and purpure, a cat sejant guardant contourny between three roses argent. Arms was registered in September of 2007, A.S. XLI.

Award of Arms09/04/1993Ansteorra
Order of the Western Cross04/30/1994Bonwicke
Sable Thistle04/29/1995Ansteorra
Sable Crane09/02/1995Ansteorra
Sable Thistle11/15/1997Ansteorra
Act of Dedication05/17/2000Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan07/06/2002Calontir
Victory In Competition09/18/2002Vatavia
Golden Heart05/19/2004Vatavia
Radiant Lioness10/09/2005Vatavia


Deitrich von Schwartzwald
Achievement in the Sciences05/16/2007Vatavia


Demetrios Misthophoros Demetrios  il Condotteirro

Name was registered in May of 2000, A.S. XXXV.

Also known as: Demetrius Misthophoros

Blazon: Argent, a triangle voided, issuant to dexter from its apex, a pennon sable. Arms was registered in May of 1991, A.S. XXVI.

Act of Dedication03/27/1988Vatavia
Award of Arms09/04/1988Calontir
Achievement in the Arts11/12/1988Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences11/12/1988Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan09/02/1989Calontir
Leather Mallet01/12/1991Calontir
Victory In Competition05/25/1991Vatavia
Silver Hammer03/07/1992Calontir
Order of the Laurel06/04/1994Calontir
Keeper of the Flame05/18/1996Calontir


(Derek Wilkinson)
Act of Dedication05/21/2008Vatavia


Dermit of Vatavia
Act of Dedication11/20/1983Vatavia
Award of Arms07/07/1984Calontir


(Devin Miskell)
Act of Dedication08/15/2006Vatavia


Dewi ap Gruffydd
Green Cord
Act of Dedication09/16/2015Vatavia
Award of Arms09/16/2017Calontir


Diana Challis
Act of Dedication11/16/2005Vatavia
Golden Heart06/14/2007Vatavia


Achievement in the Sciences04/02/2016Vatavia


Dierdre nic Cameron
Award of Arms06/13/1992Calontir


Diedre nic corc O'Bierne
Award of Arms09/05/1993Calontir


Dietrich Eisenhart

Also Knows as: Dietrich von Isenross
Act of Dedication12/30/1989Vatavia
Zeman Straz12/30/1989Vatavia
Victory In Competition06/30/1990Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1993Calontir
Leather Mallet05/18/1996Calontir
Cross of Calontir06/21/1997Calontir
Order of Chivalry/Knight02/19/2000Calontir


Dirik von Rosswald Dirik von Rosswald

Name was registered in May of 1990, A.S. XXV.

Blazon: Counter-vairy Or and gules, a Continental panther rampant to sinister sable incensed argent. Arms was registered in November of 2006, A.S. XLI.

Act of Dedication
Award of Arms05/19/1990Calontir
Victory In Competition05/02/1992Vatavia


Domhnull MacRath
Act of Dedication04/29/1984Vatavia
Award of Arms09/02/1984Calontir
Achievement in the Arts09/13/1986Vatavia


Donald Andrew MacDonald Donald Andrew MacDonald

Name was registered in April of 2002, A.S. XXXVI.

Blazon: Argent, a goblet between two pheons in chevron sable and on a point pointed vert a bowed psaltery argent. Arms was registered in April of 2002, A.S. XXXVI.

Act of Dedication04/29/2000Vatavia
Victory In Competition04/29/2001Vatavia
Zeman Straz07/07/2001Vatavia
Golden Heart01/12/2002Vatavia
Award of Arms07/06/2002Calontir
Achievement in the Arts04/26/2003Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences07/31/2004Vatavia
Radiant Lioness06/27/2009Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan01/09/2010Calontir
Calon Lily02/05/2011Calontir
Territorial Baronage03/26/2011Calontir
Leather Mallet01/28/2012Calontir
Queen's Endorsement of Distinction01/11/2014Calontir
Cross of Calontir08/30/2014Calontir
Stile Fyrd06/19/2015Calontir
Court Baronage02/27/2016Calontir
Stile Hirth06/16/2016Calontir
Order of Defense11/18/2017Calontir


Donatus Luxford Donatus Luxford

Name was registered in April of 1991, A.S. XXV.

Blazon: Or, two spears in saltire sable surmounted by a dragon salient to sinister gules. Arms was registered in September of 1991, A.S. XXVI.alon

Leather Mallet04/20/1991Calontir


Donnechald MacOogha


(Donnette Black)
Act of Dedication08/20/2008Vatavia


Donovan Ceallachsson
Act of Dedication05/19/2004Vatavia


Dorcas Whitecap
Green Cord02/15/2006Vatavia


Dorothea Magaretha Weisswold
Act of Dedication07/10/1983Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts06/10/1984Vatavia
Award of Arms09/04/1984Calontir
Golden Heart09/13/1986Vatavia


Draco Bragie Bjornsor
Act of Dedication06/11/1997Vatavia


Dragonfly Dancers
Achievement in the Arts05/19/1999Vatavia
Act of Dedication05/19/1999Vatavia


Dub Essa ingen Fidhne
Act of Dedication03/15/2000Vatavia
Award of Arms10/14/2000Calontir


Dub Essa O'Ceallaign
Award of Arms03/23/1996Calontir


Dubhglas McLean of Clan Gillean


Duct Tape
Act of Dedication04/29/2008Vatavia


Duff MacKellar Duff MacKellar

Name was registered in October of 1998, A.S. XXXIII.

Blazon: Gyronny sable and argent, a bird close contourny gules. Arms was registered in October of 1998, A.S. XXXIII.

Blazon: (Fieldless) A bird contourny sustained by and perched atop the dexter corner of a square anvil gules. Badge was registered in September of 2004, A.S. XXXVIII.

Award of Arms03/03/2001Calontir
Act of Dedication09/19/2001Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences01/12/2002Vatavia
Golden Heart01/12/2002Vatavia
Leather Mallet03/23/2002Calontir
Radiant Lioness04/26/2003Vatavia
Victory In Competition07/02/2003Vatavia


Duncan Lucas MacGregor
Also Known as: Douglas Mac Domhnull, Christopher Mac Domhnull
Act of Dedication09/13/1986Vatavia


Duncan Mac Cracken Duncan Mac Cracken

Name was registered in November of 1995, A.S. XXX.

Blazon: Or, a bend sinister azure between three fish haurient reversed per pale vert and gules and a brown bear rampant proper. Arms was registered in October of 1997, A.S. XXXII.

Award of Arms06/17/1995Calontir
Act of Dedication07/21/1996Vatavia
Victory In Competition01/15/1997Vatavia


Duncan MacMillan
Also Known as: Duncan MacBaxter
Act of Dedication04/17/2002Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/2004Calontir


Duncan MacOwen

Also known as: Donnechahlmac Aoghann
Award of Arms02/28/1986Calontir
Act of Dedication03/27/1988Vatavia


Duncan of Skeene
Green Cord


Dylan of Vatavia Dylan of Vatavia

(Holding name.) Holding name was registered in April of 2007, A.S. XLI.

Also known as: Dylan Godwinson, Dylan MacMathanban, Dylan the Scot.

Blazon: Per bend sinister azure and vert, on a Celtic cross Or a sword azure. Arms was registered in April of 2009, A.S. XLIII.

Blazon: Per bend sinister vert and azure, on a Celtic cross Or a sword azure. Badge was registered in April of 2009, A.S. XLIII.

Award of Arms10/18/2003Ansteorra
Order of the Firebrand of Bjornsborg04/30/2005Bjornsborg
Act of Dedication07/20/2005Vatavia
Victory In Competition09/21/2005Vatavia
Dragon's Grace09/27/2008Dragonsspine
Silver Tyne01/31/2009Outlands


Dylan the Bruce
Award of Arms11/14/1992Calontir



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