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Eadweard Boisewight
Green Cord08/31/1997Vatavia
Golden Heart04/24/2016Vatavia


Ebhan MacRuairidh

 Also Known as: Evan Patrick MacRauri
Act of Dedication05/03/1992Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1998Calontir
Victory In Competition05/19/1999Vatavia
Golden Heart07/22/2000Vatavia


Eckerich Rothvalken von Stromburg Eckerich Rothvalken von Stromburg

Name was registered in February of 1992, A.S. XXVI.

Blazon: Or, three bars wavy azure, overall a falcon displayed gules within a bordure embattled sable. Arms was registered in February of 1992, A.S. XXVI.

Act of Dedication06/30/1990Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts05/02/1992Vatavia
Award of Arms07/04/1992Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences10/20/1993Vatavia
Radiant Lioness05/07/1994Vatavia
Leather Mallet09/04/1994Calontir
Victory In Competition03/15/1995Vatavia


(Eddie Skerl)
Act of Dedication11/21/1988Vatavia


Edward Cire of Greymoor Edward Cire of Greymoor

Name was registered in June of 1985, A.S. XX.

Blazon: Per chevron gules and argent, two wyverns erect respectant argent and a scorpion passant sable. Arms was registered in October of 2003, A.S. XXXVI.

Blazon: Argent, a scorpion passant sable within a bordure gules. For House Greymoor. Badge was registered in February of 1986, A.S. XXXVIII.

Household: House Greymoor. Household name was registered in February of 1986, A.S. XX.

Golden Heart09/01/1979Vatavia
Award of Arms07/12/1980Calontir
Victory In Competition01/10/1981Vatavia
Brassard d'Honor08/31/1981Calontir
Act of Dedication03/07/1982Vatavia
Star of Vatavia09/05/1982Vatavia
Dragon's Heart10/02/1982Midrealm
Order of Chivalry/Knight08/11/1984Calontir
County 03/15/1986Calontir
Cross of Calontir04/12/1986Calontir
Order of the Pelican05/30/1987Calontir
Green Leaf04/01/1999Madrone
King's Favor07/20/2002An Tir
Goutte de Sang 09/21/2002An Tir
King's Favor03/20/2004An Tir


Ehrin Wolfgarn
Act of Dedication10/26/1985Vatavia


Eirik Asvaldsson Eirik Asvaldsson

Name was registered in September of 1993, A.S. XXVIII.

Also known as: Batu.

Blazon: Per fess gules and Or, a wolf passant ululant argent and a tankard inverted bendwise sinister distilling a goutte gules. Arms was registered in February of 1995, A.S. XXIX.

Achievement in the Sciences05/25/1991Vatavia
Victory In Competition01/22/1992Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts05/02/1992Vatavia
Act of Dedication05/02/1992Vatavia
Award of Arms09/06/1992Calontir
Leather Mallet09/05/1993Calontir
Golden Heart11/07/1993Vatavia
Radiant Lioness11/05/1994Vatavia
Silver Hammer03/08/1997Calontir
Treasure of the Barony02/18/1998Vatavia
Star of Vatavia02/21/1998Vatavia


El River
Act of Dedication08/20/2014Vatavia


Eleanor ferch Rhiwallon Eleanor ferch Rhiwallon

Name was registered in June of 1992, A.S. A.S. XXVII.

Blazon: Argent, in fess two dolphins haurient contourny azure. Arms was registered in May of 1993, A.S. A.S. XXVII.


Act of Dedication06/30/1990Vatavia
Award of Arms02/02/1991Calontir
Golden Heart09/18/1991Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences07/08/1995Vatavia
Victory In Competition12/20/1995Vatavia
Star of Vatavia11/09/1996Vatavia


Elena MacKenzie
Act of Dedication03/20/2013Vatavia


Eliane Marie Nazaire d'Avignon Eliane Marie Nazaire d'Avignon

Name was registered in September of 1992, A.S. A.S. XXVII.

Blazon: Sable, a unicorn sejant and a chief nebuly Or. Arms was registered in September of 1992, A.S. A.S. XXVII.


Act of Dedication11/20/1991Vatavia
Victory In Competition01/22/1992Vatavia
Award of Arms09/06/1992Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences10/21/1992Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts09/21/1994Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan11/12/1994Calontir
Torse03/23/1996 Calontir
Golden Heart02/18/1998Vatavia
Radiant Lioness05/05/1999Vatavia


Elisabeth de Rossignol Elisabeth de Rossignol

Name was registered in August of 1983, A.S. A.S. XVIII.

Blazon: Gules, a pall erminois between three pomegranates slipped and leaved Or. Arms was registered in August of 1983, A.S. A.S. XVIII.

Blazon: Gules, a hawk's lure Or. Badge was registered in October of 1989, A.S. XXIV.

Blazon: (Fieldless) A hawk's lure Or. Badge was registered in August of 1996, A.S. XXXI.

Achievement in the Arts10/11/1981Vatavia
Award of Arms01/09/1982Calontir
Victory In Competition07/18/1982Vatavia
Golden Heart03/06/1983Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan06/04/1983Calontir
Order of the Rose03/15/1986Calontir
Act of Dedication06/07/1986Vatavia
Radiant Lioness07/05/1986Vatavia
Calon Lily07/19/1986Calontir
Star of Vatavia08/31/1986Vatavia
Cross of Calontir05/30/1987Calontir
Order of the Pelican12/12/1987Calontir
Order of the Laurel09/03/1989Calontir
Queen's Endorsement of Distinction10/15/1990Calontir
Forget-Me-Not01/07/1995An Tir
Forget-Me-Not01/13/1996An Tir
Goutte de Sang01/13/1996An Tir
Throne Favor07/20/1996An Tir
Tsveti Madrone - Pink05/01/1998Madrone
Green Leaf04/01/1999Madrone
Forget-Me-Not01/08/2000An Tir
Forget-Me-Not01/13/2001An Tir
Forget-Me-Not07/20/ 2002An Tir
Magistrae Ithra10/11/2003An Tir/Ithra
Forget-Me-Not01/08/2005An Tir
Forget-Me-Not07/15/2006An Tir


Elizabet of Bannockburn Elizabet of Brannockburn

Name was registered in February of 1995, A.S. A.S. XXIX.

Blazon: Azure, on a bend sinister Or crusilly azure between two unicorn's heads couped Or a mullet palewise azure. Arms was registered in February of 1995, A.S. A.S. XXIX.

Act of Dedication06/30/1990Vatavia
Queen's Chalice09/03/1995Calontir
Award of Arms06/11/2000Calontir
Golden Heart05/19/2004Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences05/18/2005Vatavia


Elizabeth Anne Draper Elizabeth Anne Draper

Name was registered in August of 2013, A.S. XLVIII.

Blazon: Per bend azure and vert, a threaded needle bendwise sinister and a three-legged pot argent. Arms was registered in August of 2013, A.S. XLVIII.

Act of Dedication10/19/2011Vatavia
Award of Arms11/12/2011Calontir
Achievement in Sciences04/07/2012Vatavia
Leather Mallet09/01/2012Calontir
Radiant Lioness04/19/2015Vatavia
Golden Heart12/19/2018Vatavia


Elizabeth Mac Dhomnuill
Act of Dedication05/19/1997Vatavia


Elizabeth Wulfric's Page
Act of Dedication09/15/2004Vatavia


Elsa Gerber
Act of Dedication09/16/2009Vatavia


Elspeth Gruenwalde

Also Known as: Elisabeth von dem Wolde
Act of Dedication11/15/2006Vatavia


Elspeth Lillian of York Elspeth Lillian of York

Name was registered in January of 1996, A.S. A.S. XXX.

Blazon: Argent, a fleur-de-lys gules within a bordure gules semy of escallops argent. Arms was registered in January of 1996, A.S. A.S. XXX.


Act of Dedication08/06/1994Vatavia
Award of Arms05/13/1995Calontir
Achievement in the Arts05/15/1996Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences05/15/1996Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan08/31/1996Calontir
Victory In Competition05/19/1999Vatavia
Radiant Lioness 04/26/2003Vatavia
Golden Heart05/19/2004Vatavia
Leather Mallet03/04/2006Calontir


Elspeth of Stonehaven
Green Cord09/01/1996Vatavia


Elwyn of Vatavia

Name was registered in June of 1993, A.S. A.S. XXVIII.

Also known as: Elwyn ap Llwyd ap Ieon Mawr.

Award of Arms09/05/1993Calontir


Emma Brown
Act of Dedication03/20/2002Vatavia


Emma of Abingdon Emma of Abingdon

Name was registered in August of 1997, A.S. A.S. XXXII.

Blazon: Vert, a portative organ between three Latin crosses Or. Arms was registered in October of 1999, A.S. A.S. XXXIII.


Award of Arms09/04/1999Calontir
Act of Dedication03/20/2002Vatavia


Eoin Scott na Daingniche Eoin Scott na Daingniche

Name was registered in June of 1985, A.S. A.S. XX.

Blazon: Gyronny argent and sable, a tyger rampant erminois incensed gules within a bordure counterchanged. Arms was registered in June of 1985, A.S. A.S. XX.

Act of Dedication04/29/1984Vatavia
Award of Arms09/02/1984Calontir
Achievement in the Arts11/17/1984Vatavia
Victory In Competition06/02/1985Vatavia
Golden Heart11/12/1988Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan09/03/1989Calontir




Eric Fitz Lawrence
Achievement in the Sciences07/21/1996Vatavia


Eric Nevillesson
Victory in Competation


Erik Tokesson
Green Cord04/28/2019Vatavia


Act of Dedication06/11/1997Vatavia


Erin Kenny
Act of Dedication08/15/2006Vatavia


Erlechin de Battenhelm Erlechin de Battenhelm

Name was registered in July of 1984, A.S. A.S. XIX.

Also Known as: Earlich du Battenhelm, Ehrlic du Battenhelm

Blazon: Per pale argent and azure, two winged unicorns combattant counterchanged within a bordure potenty Or. Arms was registered in July of 1984, A.S. A.S. XIX.

Act of Dedication01/10/1981Vatavia
Award of Arms06/13/1981Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences05/21/1983Vatavia
Leather Mallet09/04/1983Calontir
Victory In Competition08/05/1984Vatavia
Golden Heart06/02/1985Vatavia


Ermenrich von Duisburg
Green Cord02/15/2006Vatavia


Essika of Huntington

Also Known as: Jessica of Huntington
Act of Dedication07/20/2011Vatavia


Esteban Rodriquez the Wanderer
Act of Dedication04/26/1997Vatavia
Golden Heart06/05/1999Vatavia


Estel of Hamlin
Act of Dedication05/17/2006Vatavia


Act of Promise06/04/2017Vatavia
Queen's Chalice05/26/2018Calontir


Eurick of Ravenscroft
Act of Dedication07/20/2005Vatavia
Victory in Competition10/18/2006Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/2009Calontir

Evalaliia Nuinnseann

Also Known as: Jera Finnsdottir
Act of Dedication08/17/2005Vatavia


Green Cord


Eyfríðr Geirsdóttir
Act of Dedication
Award of Arms07/22/2017Calontir
Golden Calon Swan05/26/2018Calontir
Leather Mallet01/12/2019Calontir


Eynon ab Iohannes Mal Eynon ab Iohannes Mal

Name was registered in December of 2014, A.S. IL.

Blazon: Azure, a demi-sheep argent issuant from a bickern maintaining in its mouth a falchion bendwise inverted Or and a chief Or crusily azure. Arms was registered in January of 2016, A.S. L.

Green Cord09/16/2015Vatavia
Act of Dedication09/16/2015Vatavia
Award of Arms04/23/2016Calontir



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