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Gabhainn Luath MacDhomhnuill Gabhainn Luath MacDhomhnuill

Name was registered in September of 1993, A.S. XXVIII.

Blazon: Vert honeycombed, two bees in fess and a chief indented Or. Arms was registered in December of 1992, A.S. XXVII.


Act of Dedication11/20/1991Vatavia
Victory in Competition01/22/1992Vatavia
Award of Arms01/09/1993Calontir
Golden Heart02/18/1998Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan01/30/1999Calontir
Achievement in the Arts05/19/1999Vatavia


Gabriel ap Morgan ap Hywel Gabriel ap Morgan ap Hywel

Name was registered in April of 1985, A.S. XIX.

Blazon: Per bend azure and vert, on a bend engrailed argent between six mullets of six points Or a fox's head erased gules. Arms was registered in April of 1985, A.S. XIX.

Act of Dedication05/21/1983Vatavia
Award of Arms07/24/1983Calontir
Zeman Straz01/22/1984Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts03/10/1984Vatavia
Victory in Competition11/17/1984Vatavia
Queen's Endorsement of Distinction08/30/1986Calontir
Order of Chivalry/Knight09/04/1988Calontir
Golden Heart06/17/1989Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan09/02/1989Calontir
Star of Vatavia11/05/1994Vatavia
Grant of Arms11/12/1994Calontir
Territoral Baronage11/12/1994Calontir
Leather Mallet08/31/1997Calontir
Court Barony09/05/1998Calontir
Zevack Cord07/08/2006Vatavia


Gabriel Knightwind of Grimfalcon
Award of Arms11/04/2006Calontir
Act of Dedication11/19/2008Vatavia


Gabriella la Fiorentina
Act of Dedication09/13/1986Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1987Calontir


Galen Aelswinesson
Act of Dedication10/15/2003Vatavia


Galen MacDonald

Name was registered in August of 1991, A.S. XXVI.

Act of Dedication06/30/1990Vatavia
Award of Arms09/02/1990Calontir
Victory In Competition10/13/1991Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts05/02/1992Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan09/05/1993Calontir


Gareth Blackmoor

Name was registered in July of 2001, A.S. XXXVI.

Act of Dedication10/21/1998Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences07/24/1999Vatavia
Award of Arms10/14/2000Calontir
Leather Mallet09/01/2001Calontir
Victory In Competition09/18/2002Vatavia


Gareth of Nevermore
Green Cord02/20/1999Vatavia


Garick Köpke
Garick von Köpke

Name was registered in March of 1988, A.S. XXI.

Blazon: Per chevron argent and Or, three flames proper, each charged with a tower sable. Arms was registered in July of 1988, A.S. XXII.

Order of Chivalry/Knight06/19/1993West
Order of the Pelican10/01/2000West
Sword of Calontir08/15/2003Calontir
Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction09/06/2003Calontir
Leather Mallet01/10/2004Calontir
Order of the Laurel05/10/2014Outlands
Order of the Archaic Fewment03/17/2017Calontir


Gaston Dalstein Gaston Dalstein

Name was registered in April of 2004, A.S. XXXVIII.

Also known as: Thornbjorn Hrafnasson of Ravenscroft.

Blazon: Per bend sinister argent and azure, in bend three fleurs-de-lys counterchanged. Arms was registered in April of 2004, A.S. XXXVIII.

Act of Dedication09/17/2003Vatavia
Victory in Competition01/21/2004Vatavia
Golden Heart04/23/2005Vatavia
Award of Arms11/05/2005Calontir
Award of Arms11/04/2006Calontir
Queen's Rapier07/21/2007Ansteorra

Gawayne ap Tristam Gawayne ap Tristam

Name was registered in November of 1988, A.S. XXIII.

Blazon: Vairy gules and Or, a dragon segreant to sinister sable. Arms was registered in November of 1988, A.S. XXIII.


Act of Dedication09/13/1986Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1987Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences06/17/1989Vatavia
Grant of Arms09/02/1990Calontir
Territoral Baronage09/02/1990Calontir
Leather Mallet02/02/1991Calontir
Cross of Calontir04/09/1994Calontir
Court Barony11/12/1994Calontir
Golden Heart05/17/1995Vatavia
Star of Vatavia09/03/1995Vatavia
Treasure of the Barony02/18/1998Vatavia
Order of Chivalry/Knight07/25/1998Calontir
Victory In Competition09/18/2002Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts12/13/2008Vatavia
Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction (Ideals of Society)03/17/2012Calontir
Order of the Pelican03/14/2013Calontir
Radiant Lioness08/20/2014Vatavia


Genevieve de Chambery Geneviève de Chambéry

Name was registered in November of 1989, A.S. XXIV.

Blazon: Purpure, on a chevron throughout Or three fleur-de-lys palewise gules, in base a fleur-de-lys Or. Arms was registered in March of 1994, A.S. XXVIII.

Award of Arms07/14/1990Calontir
Leather Mallet11/12/1994 Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences03/18/1997Vatavia
Victory In Competition09/17/1997Vatavia
Silver Hammer06/20/1998Calontir
Act of Dedication05/19/1999Vatavia
Star of Vatavia07/22/2000Vatavia
Radiant Lioness04/28/2002Vatavia
Order of the Laurel08/02/2003Calontir
Golden Heart12/19/2018Vatavia
Territorial Baronage06/08/2019Calontir


Genevieve Pebrose
Green Cord09/01/1996Vatavia


Genevieve de Eye Genevieve de Eye

Name was registered in September of 2007, A.S. XLII.

Also known as: Genevive of Vatavia.

Blazon: Per chevron inverted sable and argent, a pair of eyeglasses Or lensed argent and a lit candle gules. Arms was registered in September of 2007, A.S. XLII.

Act of Dedication07/21/2004Vatavia
Golden Heart04/23/2005Vatavia
Award of Arms11/04/2006Calontir


Geoffrey de Gournay Geoffrey de Gournay

Name was registered in August of 2009, A.S. XLIV.

Also Known as: Wulfstan of Vatavia

Blazon: Sable, a bull passant, in chief a decrescent Or, a bordure compony gules and argent. Arms was registered in August of 2009, A.S. XLIV.

Act of Dedication02/21/2007Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences09/17/2008Vatavia
Award of Arms01/03/2009Calontir


Gerhard Gelling von dem Hagen Gerhard Gelling von dem Hagen

Name was registered in February of 2002, A.S. XXXVI.

Blazon: Argent, a castle sable portalled of a wooden gate proper and a bordure azure. Arms was registered in February of 2002, A.S. XXXVI.


Act of Dedication05/15/2002Vatavia
Award of Arms09/04/2005Calontir


Gianeta Grifoni Gianetta Antonia del Grifo

Name was registered in June of 2013, A.S. XLVIII.

Blazon: Azure, two conies combatant and in base a crescent, a chief nebuly Or. Arms was registered in June of 2013, A.S. XLVIII.

Act of Dedication
Award of Arms09/02/2012Calontir


Gideon Ironsmith
Act of Dedication10/26/1985Vatavia
Award of Arms11/02/1985Calontir
Golden Heart09/13/1986Vatavia


Gilbertis Sparrow

Also Known as: Gilebertus Sparewe
Act of Dedication08/17/2005Vatavia


Giovanni Arlotti de Lucca
Achievement in the Sciences01/22/1984Vatavia
Award of Arms07/07/1984Calontir


Gizelle Barrentree de Battenhelm

Also Known as: Kerina of Skane
Award of Arms07/05/1986Calontir
Green Cord09/01/1996Vatavia
Act of Dedication03/19/2003Vatavia


Godric of Klaxonbury
Act of Dedication07/12/1997Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences12/17/1997Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1998Calontir


Gordon Bleu
Act of Dedication


Grace Brown
Act of Dedication02/21/2007Vatavia


Gráinne inghean Bhriain

Also known as:Alex of Vatavia

Award of Arms
Act of Dedication10/19/2016Vatavia


Grayce O'Malley
Act of Dedication08/17/2005Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts09/29/2006Vatavia
Award of Arms09/02/2007Calontir
Golden Calon Swan09/04/2010Calontir
Golden Heart01/29/2011Vatavia


(Gregory MacPherson)

Also known as: Gregory McPherson Mills III.

Kestrel Degree06/01/2005RUSH
Act of Promise03/19/2008Vatavia
Award of Arms08/31/2013Calontir


Griffith ap Gabriel ap Morgan
Act of Dedication09/05/1987Vatavia
Queen's Chalice11/14/1987Calontir


Grim Wulfheresson
Act of Dedication09/18/1991Vatavia
Victory In Competition09/18/1991Vatavia
Award of Arms09/21/1991Calontir


Grimwolf Ivarsson
Act of Dedication


Gunnar Wizhelt
Act of Dedication11/19/2008Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences12/17/2008Vatavia


Gwalchmai Saethydd


Gwendolyn Morna O'Shaughnessey Gwendolyn Morna O'Shaughnessey

Name was registered in September of 1991, A.S. XXVI.

Also Known as: Rhondalynn O'Shaughnessey

Blazon: Per bend gules and sable, a horse rampant and a sword bendwise inverted argent. Arms was registered in September of 1991, A.S. XXVI.

Act of Dedication12/10/1988Vatavia
Vesslar 12/10/1988Vatavia
Zeman Straz06/17/1989Vatavia
Award of Arms09/03/1989Calontir
Golden Heart12/30/1989Vatavia


Gwenhevare Dominique Nazaire d'Avignon Gwenhevare Dominique Nazaire d'Avignon

Name was registered in September of 1992, A.S. XXVII.

Blazon: Gules, a dragon segreant Or, winged argent, belly pierced by an arrow, and on a chief Or three arrows bendwise, each surmounted by a bow bendwise sinister inverted sable. Arms was registered in September of 1992, A.S. XXVII.

Act of Dedication11/20/1991Vatavia
Victory In Competition01/22/1992Vatavia
Award of Arms04/09/1994Calontir
Achievement in the Arts09/17/1997Vatavia
Gwenne Margareta Melinnith Gwenne Margareta Melinnith

Name was registered in December of 2014, A.S. IL.

Blazon: Quarterly argent and gules, a cross crosslet quarterly sable and argent, in sinister canton a daisy proper. Arms was registered in December of 2014, A.S. IL.

Green Cord09/16/2015Vatavia
Act of Dedication09/16/2015Vatavia



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