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Haakon Thorhallsson
Achievement in the Sciences07/29/1990Vatavia


Hærek Hjalmarson


Halidar Arkellsson
Green Cord


Hanashi no Kagemoto
Act of Dedication05/15/2002Vatavia
Award of Arms03/01/2003Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences05/19/2004Vatavia
Golden Heart05/19/2004Vatavia
Leather Mallet06/18/2004Calontir
Victory in Competition09/29/2006Vatavia
Master at Arms05/21/2016Calontir


Hannah Bat Oholiva Esha Sha-ul
Act of Dedication11/15/2006Vatavia
Victory In Competition03/21/2007Vatavia


Hannah Maevesdottir

Also Known as: Hannah Stewart
Act of Dedication11/19/2008Vatavia


Harald Isenross Harald Isenross

Name was registered in April of 1989, A.S. XXIV.

Blazon: Per fess rayonny azure and argent, a heart between three crosses formy counterchanged. Arms was registered in April of 1989, A.S. XXIV.

Act of Dedication06/07/1986Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1987Calontir
Leather Mallet02/08/1992Calontir
Silver Hammer01/09/1993Calontir
Order of the Laurel09/02/1995Calontir


Heather Clarus
Act of Dedication05/07/1994Vatavia


Heather MacMillan

Also Known as: Heather MacBaxter
Act of Dedication07/15/1998Vatavia
Award of Arms03/01/2003Calontir


Helena Donne

Also Known as: Tessa Fuoco
Act of Dedication06/11/1997Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts09/17/1997Vatavia
Award of Arms01/30/1999Calontir


Helena Mathis
Act of Promise10/09/2010Vatavia


Helmut Wolfstraand
Act of Dedication


Heloise de Porta Heloise de Porta

Name was registered in March of 2012, A.S. XLVI.

Blazon: Argent, on a bend sinister between two butterflies azure two roses argent. Arms was registered in October of 2012, A.S. XLVII.

Golden Heart10/19/2011Vatavia
Act of Dedication08/25/2012Vatavia
Award of Arms09/01/2012Calontir


Herman von Mandel
Green Cord


Herrick the Just
Green Cord02/18/2015Vatavia


Hildegard von Hameln

Name was registered in June of 2007, A.S. XLII.

Act of Dedication09/21/2005Vatavia
Golden Heart06/20/2007Vatavia
Award of Arms09/02/2007Calontir


Act of Dedication05/15/1996Vatavia


House Battenhelm
Act of Dedication07/20/1981Vatavia


Hrafnhildr o Llandyssul (Raven) Hrafnhildr o Llandyssul

Name was registered in May of 1988, A.S. XXIII.

Also known as: Raven.

Blazon: Per saltire argent and gules, in pale two ravens displayed sable and in fess two swords palewise proper. Arms was registered in May of 1988, A.S. XXIII.

Award of Arms03/31/1983Calontir
Act of Dedication05/01/1988Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan05/21/1988Calontir
Victory In Competition11/12/1988Vatavia
Golden Heart06/17/1989Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts05/02/1992Vatavia
Radiant Lioness01/29/2011Vatavia


Aelia Basina
Ho'elun Checheg
Also known as: Kirstyn zer Sunnen, Aelia Basina of Venii

Name was registered in August of 2014, A.S. XL.

Blazon: Argent chapé sable, three annulets interlaced one and two azure, on a chief argent three triskelions of spirals azure. Arms was registered in May of 2010, A.S. XLV.

Act of Dedication09/29/2006Vatavia
Victory In Competition06/20/2007Vatavia
Award of Arms01/09/2010Calontir
Leather Mallet12/11/2010Calontir


Achievement in the Arts06/11/1997Vatavia


Hywela Frech ferch Wyddel Hywela Frech ferch Wyddel

Name was registered in April of 1985, A.S. XIX.

Blazon: Per bend sinister vert and vair, in bend two griffins segreant Or. Arms was registered in September of 1985, A.S. XX.

Blazon: (Fieldless) A griffin's head erased vert. Badge was registered in April of 2007, A.S. XLI.

Achievement in the Arts11/20/1983Vatavia
Award of Arms02/18/1984Calontir
Act of Dedication11/17/1984Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan07/05/1986Calontir
Order of the Rose03/14/1987Calontir
Golden Heart09/05/1987Vatavia
Victory In Competition11/21/1987Vatavia
Queen's Endorsement of Distinction03/12/1988Calontir
Cross of Calontir05/21/1988Calontir
Order of the Pelican12/16/1989Calontir



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