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Iain Brannock


Victory In Competition08/06/1994Vatavia
Award of Arms09/04/1994Calontir


Ian Michael O'Shaughnessy
Act of Dedication06/17/1989Vatavia


Ida Lundy Ida Lundy

Name was registered in June of 1989, A.S. XXIV.

Blazon: Or, a rat salient holding a hand bell azure. Arms was registered in August of 1994, A.S. XXIX.


Award of Arms02/03/1990Calontir
Green Cord05/02/1992Vatavia
Act of Dedication11/16/1994Vatavia
Golden Swan09/02/1995Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences05/19/2004Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts07/31/2004Vatavia


Elena McKenzie
Ilanah MacKenzie

Also Known as: Elana Morgan MacKenzie

Name was registered in August of 2005, A.S. XL.

Blazon: Purpure, two cutlasses in saltire edges to chief and a base rayonny Or. Arms was registered in August of 2005, A.S. XL.

Act of Dedication03/18/1998Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts
Award of Arms09/04/1999Calontir
Golden Swan08/30/2002Calontir


Ines Alfon
Green Cord


Iona de Castello


Achievement in the Arts05/15/1996Vatavia
Act of Dedication05/15/1996Vatavia
Award of Arms
Achievement in the Sciences04/26/1997Vatavia
Golden Heart06/05/1999Vatavia


Isabeau d'Andrea Isabeau d'Andrea

Name was registered in March of 1994, A.S. XXVIII.

Blazon: Lozengy argent and azure, a mascle sable and on a chief azure two swans naiant argent. Arms was registered in March of 1994, A.S. XXVIII.

Award of Arms07/31/1994Outlands
Act of Dedication05/29/1995Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts11/21/1998Vatavia


Isabeau Maevesdottir

Also Known as: Robbyn, Sokura
Golden Dragonfly06/15/2005Vatavia
Queen's Chalice09/04/2005Calontir
Act of Dedication02/15/2006Vatavia


Isabel Beaumont

Name was registered in April of 2004, A.S. XXXVIII.

Act of Dedication05/19/2004Vatavia


Isabel de Bayonne
Queen's Chalice09/03/1989Calontir


Isobel MacDonald

Also Known as: Isibil Edvinsdottir
Golden Heart04/26/2003Vatavia
Act of Dedication09/17/2003Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts01/21/2004Vatavia
Award of Arms06/19/2004Calontir
Victory In Competition05/18/2005Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan01/23/2010Calontir
Radiant Lioness05/19/2010Vatavia
Leather Mallet06/14/2017Calontir


Istani ibn Halil


Act of Dedication04/07/2012Vatavia
Victory in Competition08/25/2012Vatavia
Award of Arms01/12/2013Calontir


Iuean Littlejohn

Also Known as: Little John of Haven
Act of Dedication05/16/1993Vatavia
Victory In Competition08/17/1993Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1993Calontir
Zeman Straz11/05/1994Vatavia


Ivar Fastson the Neckless


Act of Dedication12/30/1989Vatavia
Award of Arms05/19/1990Calontir



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