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Karen O'Corell
Act of Dedication01/22/1992Vatavia


Karen von Rooze

Also known as: Karen O'Shannon.

Act of Dedication08/15/2006Vatavia
Award of Arms09/01/2007Calontir


Karl zum Drachen Karl zum Drachen

Name was registered in June of 2013, A.S. XLVIII.

Blazon: Argent semy of leaves vert, a dragon's head erased purpure. Arms was registered in June of 2013, A.S. XLVIII.

Act of Dedication05/15/2013Vatavia
Award of Arms09/01/2013Calontir


Kasimira Verena d'Arcy Kasimira Verena d'Arcy

Name was registered in March of 1990, A.S. XXIV.

Blazon: Vert, semy-de-lys argent, in pale a lion couchant Or and a lamb couchant to sinister argent within a bordure embattled Or. Arms was registered in January of 1991, A.S. XXV.

Golden Calon Swan09/04/1988Calontir
Achievement in the Arts12/10/1988Vatavia
Act of Dedication06/17/1989Vatavia
Leather Mallet01/09/1993Calontir
Radiant Lioness01/09/1993Vatavia
Treasure of the Barony05/07/1994Vatavia
Victory In Competition05/29/1995Vatavia


Katherine Ann
Green Cord


Katherine Helena
Act of Dedication02/01/1981Vatavia
Award of Arms06/13/1981Calontir
Golden Heart09/04/1982Vatavia


(Katherine Stewart)
Act of Dedication08/20/1997Vatavia


Kathleen Irwin
Act of Dedication10/13/1991Vatavia
Victory In Competition01/22/1992Vatavia
Award of Arms09/06/1992Calontir
Golden Calon Swan07/22/1995Calontir


Achievement in the Arts09/17/1997Vatavia


Katla Drakssie
Act of Dedication05/20/1998Vatavia


Katriana op den Dijk Katriana op den Dijk

Name was registered in December of 1983, A.S. XVIII.

Blazon: Azure, on a lyre within a bordure urdy argent, a domestic cat couchant erminois. Arms was registered in November of 1988, A.S. XXIII.

Blazon: Vert, a lyre argent surmounted by a domestic cat couchant erminois. Badge was registered in November of 1988, A.S. XXIII.

Award of Arms03/29/1983Calontir
Golden Calon Swan09/04/1983Calontir
King's Favor05/25/1986Calontir
Cross of Calontir09/06/1987Calontir
Golden Heart11/12/1988Vatavia
Leather Mallet07/04/1992Calontir
Calon Lily06/20/1998Calontir
Order of the Laurel07/26/2003Calontir


Katrie O'Caral
Act of Dedication01/22/1992Vatavia


(Katrina Pritchard)
Victory in Competition


Katrina Weiss
Victory In Competition07/10/1983Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts03/10/1984Vatavia
Act of Dedication05/13/1984Vatavia
Award of Arms07/07/1984Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences09/13/1986Vatavia


Kazimierz Samostrelov

Name was registered in September of 1993, A.S. XXVIII.

Also known as: Casimir Cosnovski, Lucian Andrew Grey

Blazon: Per pale argent and Or, three arrows bendwise fretted with three others bendwise sinister sable, on a chief azure a bow Or. Arms was registered in September of 1994, A.S. XXIX.

Act of Dedication06/17/1989Vatavia
Award of Arms09/03/1989Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences12/30/1989Vatavia
Victory In Competition12/30/1989Vatavia
Leather Mallet06/13/1992Calontir
Silver Hammer06/18/1994Calontir
Sword of Calontir02/14/1998Calontir
Order of the Laurel06/20/1998Calontir


Keara of Avalon
Act of Dedication05/15/2002Vatavia
Award of Arms09/01/2002Calontir
Victory In Competition09/18/2002Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts04/26/2003Vatavia
Golden Heart04/26/2003Vatavia


(Kelly Meyers)
Act of Dedication05/15/2002Vatavia


(Kelly Gold)
Act of Dedication05/19/1997Vatavia


Kenji Ryuzaki
Act of Dedication11/18/2009Vatavia


Kenneth the Dark
Green Cord11/15/2006Vatavia


Kennocht Armstrang
Achievement in the Arts
Leather Mallet06/08/2019Calontir


Kerare del Monte de Jorz

Also known as: Morria Salina del Monte de Jorz, Kerare Rory de Jorz

Act of Dedication04/16/1988Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts06/17/1989Vatavia
Award of Arms09/03/1989Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences07/29/1990Vatavia
Golden Heart11/17/1990Vatavia
Victory In Competition09/18/1991Vatavia
Leather Mallet09/04/1994Calontir
Treasure of the Barony05/04/1996Vatavia
Radiant Lioness09/01/1996Vatavia
Silver Hammer08/31/1997Calontir
Grant of Arms09/05/1998Calontir
Territoral Baronage09/05/1998Calontir
Court Baronage07/07/2001Calontir
Golden Calon Swan09/01/2001Calontir


Kerr of Skane
Victory In Competition08/13/1983Vatavia


Green Cord



Also Known as: Madog ap Keelan, Vandil Helsgarde, Desmand, Madoc the Black
Act of Dedication04/17/2002Vatavia




Killian of Golden Sea
Green Cord08/31/1997Vatavia


(Kinley Byerly)
Act of Promise04/19/2008Vatavia


Kirstyn zer Sunnen


Kitsune of Vatavia
Award of Arms>05/20/2017Calontir


Knightwind of Grimfalcon
Award of Arms>11/04/2006Calontir


Kolsveinn Stýrismaðr
Act of Dedication08/20/2014Vatavia
Award of Arms05/27/2018Calontir


Konrad von Roth Konrad von Roth

Name was registered in September of 2008, A.S. XLIII.

Blazon: Argent, a bend sinister gules, overall a wolf rampant per fess azure and sable. Arms was registered in September of 2008, A.S. XLIII.

Act of Dedication04/19/2008Vatavia
Award of Arms01/09/2010Calontir
Zeman Straz06/04/2017Vatavia
Boga Fyrd09/09/2017Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences09/20/2017Vatavia
Leather Mallet05/26/2018Calontir


Konstantia Kaloethina
Green Cord11/05/2011Vatavia


Act of Dedication05/15/2002Vatavia


Kristy of Vatavia
Kestrel Degree09/01/1996RUSH


(Krysta Jensen)
Act of Dedication11/16/2005Vatavia


Kwan Yen
Act of Dedication04/26/1997Vatavia


Kyle von Stump

Also Known as: Andrew of Locking
Act of Dedication05/16/1993Vatavia


Award of Arms05/21/2016Calontir



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