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Madeleine MacDhomhnuill

Also Known as: Madeleine Phlayme Mac Dhomhnuill, Cassandra
Act of Dedication05/19/1997Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan01/30/1999Calontir
Achievement in the Arts05/19/1999Vatavia
Award of Arms09/04/1999Calontir


Madoc ap Gwilym
Act of Dedication03/15/1995Vatavia


Maegwyn verch Bleddyn

Blazon: Argent, on a fess between two frets couped vert, a hind statant reguardant argent
Act of Dedication10/29/1999Vatavia
Award of Arms11/18/2000Calontir
Golden Calon Swan06/13/2002Calontir


Maelan Azalais de Beacaire
Golden Heart01/10/1981Vatavia
Award of Arms06/13/1981Calontir
Star of Vatavia09/04/1981Vatavia
Victory In Competition02/07/1982Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts06/13/1982Vatavia


Maeve Kelly de Navarre Maeve Kelly de Navarre

Name was registered in December of 1990, A.S. XXV.

Blazon: Purpure, two peacocks pavonated to base addorsed, tails crossed in saltire, on a chief urdy argent three fleurs-de-lys vert. Arms was registered in August of 1994, A.S. XXIX.

Victory In Competition09/02/1990Vatavia
Act of Dedication09/18/1991Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1993Calontir
Golden Calon Swan09/04/1994Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences03/15/1995Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts05/17/1995Vatavia
Calon Lily09/02/1995Calontir
Radiant Lioness09/03/1995Vatavia
Golden Heart07/22/2000Vatavia
Grant of Arms07/07/2001Calontir
Territoral Baronage07/07/2001Calontir
Court Barony06/19/2004Calontir


Maggie MacKellar
Act of Dedication06/23/2001Vatavia
Award of Arms


Magnus O'Carr Magnus O'Carr

Name was registered in May of 1991, A.S. XXVI.

Also Known as: Torin O'Carr, Torin MacQuillon

Blazon: Argent, on a pale azure between two dragons combattant sable, a sword Or piercing a skull argent. Arms was registered in May of 1991, A.S. XXVI.

Act of Dedication07/10/1983Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1983Calontir
Golden Heart11/17/1984Vatavia
Victory In Competition10/26/1985Vatavia
Leather Mallet11/12/1994Calontir
Treasure of the Barony04/25/1998Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences04/29/2000Vatavia


Magnus of Artesia
Award of Arms09/05/1993Calontir


Green Cord04/20/2008Vatavia


Malachi Mac Kenzie O Corrigan Malachi Mac Kenzie O Corrigan

Name was registered in February of 2003, A.S. XXXVII.

Also known as: Corrigan Maliche Mackenzie Mael-Choleum Mac Coinni, Malaci O'Corrigan MacCoinnich

Blazon: Or, an ounce rampant contourny sable incensed gules charged on the shoulder with a compass star Or, a tierce embattled azure. Arms was registered in September of 2011, A.S. XLVI.

Achievement in the Sciences02/19/1997Vatavia
Award of Arms03/08/1997Calontir
Act of Dedication06/11/1997Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts10/15/1997Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan01/30/1999Calontir
Golden Heart10/20/1999Vatavia
Victory In Competition09/18/2002Vatavia
Radiant Lioness09/29/2002Vatavia
Treasure of the Barony11/15/2006Vatavia
Golden Heart01/29/2011Vatavia
Star of Vatavia09/23/2012Vatavia

Malakai Domanai
Act of Dedication11/16/2005Vatavia
Victory in Competiton


Malkay McPike
Green Cord04/21/2007Vatavia


Mammarra Liona of Egypt Mammarra Liona of Egypt

Name was registered in April of 1981, A.S. XV.

Also known as: Mammara Leona

Blazon: Azure, an Egyptian gyno-sphinx rampant Or. Arms was registered in April of 1981, A.S. XV.

Golden Heart09/01/1979Vatavia
Award of Arms07/12/1980Calontir
Act of Dedication09/07/1980Vatavia
Grant of Arms06/13/1981Calontir
Territoral Baronage06/13/1981Calontir
Victory In Competition02/07/1982Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts04/04/1982Vatavia
Star of Vatavia12/19/1982Vatavia
Cross of Calontir11/05/1983Calontir
Golden Calon Swan01/07/1984Calontir
Order of the Rose08/31/1985Calontir
Calon Lily05/25/1986Calontir
Order of the Laurel07/05/1986Calontir
Court Barony09/06/1987Calontir


Marcella Boicewright
Green Cord09/05/1999Vatavia
Order of the Golden Heart04/24/2016Vatavia


Marcus Crawford
Act of Dedication06/21/2006Vatavia


Marduk McGregor
Act of Dedication07/23/1988Vatavia


Maren Þorskabítr
Maren Þorskabítr

Also known as:: Marena d'Ortano

Name was registered in March of 2010, A.S. XLIV.

Blazon:Vairy en pointe Or and gules, a lion rampant contourny and a chief sable. Arms was registered in July of 2010, A.S. XLV.

Act of Dedication11/21/1987Vatavia
Queen's Chalice01/09/1993Calontir
Award of Arms09/04/1994Calontir
Cross of Calontir12/08/2012Calontir


Margaret MacKenzie Margaret MacKenzie

Name was registered in January of 2009, A.S. XLIII.

Blazon: Argent, a bend purpure between a dragon passant vert and a lily bendwise gules. Device was registered in January of 2009, A.S. XLIII.

Act of Dedication04/19/2008Vatavia
Golden Heart07/02/2011Vatavia
Award of Arms02/04/2012Calontir
Golden Calon Swan03/22/2014Calontir
Victory in Competition04/18/2016Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts10/19/2016Vatavia
Radiant Lioness06/04/2017Vatavia
Leather Mallet05/27/2018Calontir


Margarette de St. Martin sur Mer

Also Known as: Margaret of Vatavia, Margaret Ann McFergus
Act of Dedication05/16/1993Vatavia
Victory In Competition05/16/1993Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1993Calontir
Achievement in the Arts09/21/1994Vatavia
Treasure of the Barony11/05/1994Vatavia
Zeman Straz11/05/1994Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan07/29/1995Calontir
Calon Lily07/26/1997Calontir
Cross of Calontir12/11/1999Calontir
Order of the Laurel03/02/2002Calontir


Margarite Isabeau de Battenhelm Margarite Isabeau de Battenhelm

Name was registered in August of 1983, A.S. XVIII.

Blazon: Azure, semé of thimbles argent, a winged unicorn couchant wings elevated and addorsed Or. Arms was registered in August of 1983, A.S. XVIII.

Golden Heart01/10/1981Vatavia
Award of Arms06/13/1981Calontir
Act of Dedication04/04/1982Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts11/20/1983Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan05/25/1985Calontir


Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla

Also Known as: Sokhatai Saikan
Award of Arms08/30/2014Calontir
Green Cord09/28/2014Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan01/09/2016Calontir
Victory in Competition08/17/2016Vatavia
Golden Heart02/15/2017Vatavia
Leather Mallet04/08/2017Calontir
Calon Lily09/16/2017Calontir


Maria de la Rosa
Award of Arms11/13/1982Calontir


Marie Chantal Delaire Marie Chantal Delaire

Name was registered in September of 1990, A.S. XXV.

Blazon: Azure, a pall inverted within a bordure engrailed argent. Arms was registered in September of 1990, A.S. XXV.


Act of Dedication06/07/1986Vatavia
Award of Arms08/31/1986Calontir
Achievement in the Arts09/13/1986Vatavia
Golden Heart09/05/1987Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan09/04/1988Calontir
Victory In Competition11/12/1988Vatavia
Radiant Lioness09/03/1989Vatavia
Star of Vatavia12/30/1989Vatavia
Calon Lily09/01/1990Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences05/25/1991Vatavia
Leather Mallet09/02/1992Calontir
Treasure of the Barony03/24/1993Vatavia
Cross of Calontir09/02/1995Calontir
Court Barony03/01/2003Calontir


Marietta Donne
Act of Dedication05/19/1997Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts09/17/1997Vatavia


Marius Lucian Fidelius

Also known as:: Lucian "Fido" Fidelis

Green Cord09/29/2006Vatavia


Marjorie Ann Macdowell
Green Cord09/05/1999Vatavia
Act of Dedication05/17/2000Vatavia
Award of Arms09/01/2001Calontir


(Martin Kline)
Act of Dedication05/19/2004Vatavia


Mary York
Act of Dedication09/20/2006Vatavia


Masud abu Malik ibn Aamir al-Rashid

Also Known as: Aamir
Act of Dedication11/09/1996Vatavia
Award of Arms03/08/1997Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences03/15/2000Vatavia
Leather Mallet07/15/2000Calontir
Golden Heart01/12/2002Vatavia


Mathilde de Bretagne

Also known as: Alisandre des Aguilles.

Award of Arms05/20/1983Calontir
Golden Calon Swan06/25/1994Calontir


Matill of Windkeep Matill of Windkeep

Name was registered in October of 2001, A.S. XXXVI.

Also known as: Murasaki Fujihara.

Blazon: Purpure, three sinister wings argent. Arms was registered in October 0f 2001, A.S. XXXVI.

Award of Arms12/02/2000Outlands
Act of Dedication11/18/2009Vatavia
Golden Heart01/28/2012Vatavia


(Matthew Brace)
Act of Dedication06/11/1997Vatavia


Matthew of Haven
Act of Dedication05/29/1993Vatavia


Act of Dedication07/12/1997Vatavia


Maureen O'Seachnasaigh Maureen O'Seachnasaigh

Name was registered in April of 1991, A.S. XXV.

Blazon: Sable, a chevron rompu between a decrescent, an increscent, and a dragon couchant argent. Arms was registered in April of 1991, A.S. XXV.

Act of Dedication05/03/1992Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1993Calontir


Achievement in the Arts09/17/1997Vatavia


Meghan O'Cahdla
Act of Dedication04/21/2004Vatavia


Melisande Brigitte Nazaire d'Avignon Melisande Brigitte Nazaire d'Avignon

Name was registered in September of 1993, A.S. XXVIII.

Blazon: Per chevron sable, and gules ermined, a cross crosslet fitchy and a chief invected Or. Arms was registered in September of 1992, A.S. XXVII.

Act of Dedication11/20/1991Vatavia
Award of Arms04/09/1994Calontir


Melisende de la Roche de Lionne

Also known as: Odindisa the Grim, Moriath Jarnulfsdottir

Act of Dedication06/07/1987Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts06/07/1987Vatavia
Award of Arms07/03/1988Calontir
Golden Heart04/26/1997Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences07/12/1997Vatavia
Territorial Baronage01/17/2009Calontir
Golden Calon Swan11/06/2010Calontir
Court Baronage03/26/2011Calontir


(Meredith Rokosz)
Act of Dedication06/11/1997Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts09/17/1997Vatavia

Mesia Montana St. Germaine
Green Cord


Michael Sean MacGee Michael Sean MacGee
Also Known as: Ian McGee, Spindrift

Name was registered in November of 2013, A.S. XLVIII.

Blazon: Argent, a pall inverted sable and overall a rat rampant maintaining a rapier gules. Arms was registered in November of 2013, A.S. XLVIII.

Award of Arms


Michael van Bergen Michael van Bergen

Name was registered in October of 1994, A.S. XXVII.

Blazon: Or, on a bend sinister cotised sable a fleur-de-lys norry palewise argent. Arms was registered in January of 1996, A.S. XXVIII.


Victory In Competition03/15/1995Vatavia
Act of Dedication05/15/1996Vatavia
Zeman Straz09/01/1996Vatavia
Golden Heart12/17/1997Vatavia
Leather Mallet03/01/2003Calontir
Grant of Arms09/05/2004Calontir
Treasure of the Barony04/15/2009Vatavia


(Michala Reason)
Act of Dedication05/18/2011Vatavia


Michel zen Rogenborgen der Arzt
Green Cord

(Mike Meadows)
Act of Dedication11/16/2005Vatavia


Miranda MacTyre

Name was registered in August of 1983, A.S. XVIII.

Blazon: Azure, a wolf statant to sinister, head raised, in chief a mullet of four points argent and a plate. Arms was registered in August of 1983, A.S. XVIII.

Victory In Competition07/18/1982Vatavia
Act of Dedication09/05/1982Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/1982Calontir


(Miriam Reason)
Act of Dedication05/18/2011Vatavia


Mirosawa Neko
Act of Dedication08/17/2005Vatavia


Mirosawa Tara
Act of Dedication08/17/2005Vatavia


Mistra of Hammerstorm
Achievement in the Arts07/29/1990Vatavia
Act of Dedication07/29/1990Vatavia


(Mitchel Kientz)
Act of Dedication09/17/2003Vatavia


Modric Neznanich
Green Cord011/15/2006Vatavia


Modric Deodatus

Name was registered in November of 1995, A.S. XXX.

Blazon: Or, a chevron between three mullets in chief and a dragon passant gules. Arms was registered in January of 1996, A.S. XXX.

Green Cord04/25/1998Vatavia


Molly Ceallachsdottir
Act of Dedication10/17/2007Vatavia


Mongol Mike's
Treasure of the Barony09/27/2009Vatavia


Mór Hoistlair Mór Hoistlair

Name was registered in July of 2011, A.S. XLVI.

Blazon: Quarterly vert and sable, in pale a wolf couchant and an eagle maintaining in each foot an olive branch argent. Arms was registered in July of 2010, A.S. XLV.

Act of Dedication03/06/2010Vatavia
Award of Arms09/02/2012Calontir
Achievement in the Arts
Order of St Hulaious08/31/2014Vatavia


Morcar of Axbridge Morcar of Axbridge

Name was registered in November of 1995, A.S. XXVIII.

Blazon: Argent, two fireballs in pale sable flammant gules and a gore sinister sable. Arms was registered in November of 1995, A.S. XXVIII.


Act of Dedication05/20/1998Vatavia
Victory In Competition05/20/1998Vatavia
Zeman Straz11/21/1998Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences05/18/2005Vatavia
Leather Mallet11/05/2005Calontir
Star of Vatavia09/02/2007Vatavia


Morgan Stone
Morgan Stone

Name was registered in July of 2016, A.S. LI.

Blazon: Sable, a chevron purpure fimbriated surmounted by a griffin, in dexter chief a cinquefoil argent. Arms was registered in July of 2016, A.S. LI.

Award of Arms


Moriagh Teige O'Flaithbheartaigh Moriagh Teige O'Flaithbheartaigh

Name was registered in March of 1987, A.S. XXI.

Blazon: Or, on a fountain a crocodile involved gules. Arms was registered in September of 1991, A.S. XXVI.


Award of Arms06/02/1985Calontir
Leather Mallet11/14/1987Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences11/21/1987Vatavia
Act of Dedication03/27/1988Vatavia
Victory In Competition10/17/1990Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts02/19/1992Vatavia
Leather Mallet09/06/1992Calontir


Moriyama Katsutoshi
Also known as: Moira MacPherson
Victory in Competation07/21/2010Vatavia
Queen’s Chalice08/31/2013Calontir
Award of Arms05/20/2017Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences06/04/2017Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan08/31/2019Calontir


Morria Salina del Monte de Jorz
Moth of Nevermore
Green Cord02/22/1999Vatavia


Muirenn Dubh Muirenn Dubh

Name was registered in April of 1994, A.S. XXVIII.

Also Known as: Muireann McCormack

Blazon: Argent, a Scottish deerhound courant contourny sable between three thistles purpure. Arms was registered in April of 1994, A.S. XXVIII.

Achievement in the Sciences05/16/1993Vatavia
Act of Dedication05/16/1993Vatavia
Award of Arms09/04/1994Calontir


Muneaki Takamatsu


Murasaki Fujihara



Murieghl MacDonald
Green Cord12/18/2003Vatavia
Award of Arms09/05/2004Calontir
Golden Heart04/23/2005Vatavia


Murrough Munro

Also Known as:  Murrough McDonald
Act of Dedication02/17/2005Vatavia


Mevanwy of Vatavia Myfanway Ilannrhaedar ym Morchant

Name was registered in February of 2009, A.S. XLIII.

Also known as: Mervanwy of Vatavia, Linnet of the Lake, Linnet of Linsmore

Blazon: Per bend sinister wavy azure and argent, a falcon displayed and a rose counterchanged. Arms was registered in February of 2009, A.S. XLIII.

Act of Dedication07/12/1997Vatavia
Award of Arms09/02/2007Calontir


Myghal Stanborough Myghal Stanborough

Name was registered in October of 2012, A.S. XLVII.

Blazon: Or, a wingless Cornish sea-chough sable, tailed and beaked gules, a bordure sable bezanty. Arms was registered in December of 2014, A.S. IL.

Green Cord09/16/2015Vatavia
Act of Dedication09/16/2015Vatavia
Golden Heart04/03/2016Vatavia





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