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Also Known as: Shane Padrigan M'Beatha, Chim M'Beatha, Patrick M'Beatha
Award of Arms09/01/2002Calontir
Victory In Competition09/18/2002Vatavia
Torse 09/04/2005Calontir
Act of Dedication02/15/2006Vatavia


Park of Vatavia (Alcyoneus du Battenhelm) Park of Vatavia

(Holding name.) Name was registered in April of 2002, A.S. XXXVI.

Also known as: Alcyoneus du Battenhelm, Frederick Parke of Alcyon, Kondei Ichimusei Niten Sama

Blazon: Or, a bend sinister potenty counter-potenty between a fleur-de-lys and a natural tiger rampant gules marked argent. Arms was registered in April of 2002, A.S. XXXVI.

Victory In Competition07/10/1983Vatavia
Award of Arms11/05/1983Calontir
Act of Dedication10/26/1985Vatavia
Leather Mallet09/04/1988Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences11/12/1988Vatavia
Grant of Arms07/07/2001Calontir
Territoral Baronage07/07/2001Calontir
Court Baronage09/05/2004Calontir


Act of Dedication01/18/2012Vatavia


Patrick MacDonough Muldoon
Act of Dedication03/10/1984Vatavia
Award of Arms07/07/1984Calontir
Golden Heart11/17/1984Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences11/12/1988Vatavia


Paul de White
Award of Arms10/02/2010Calontir
Victory In Competition10/09/2010Vatavia


Pengill Sjomann of Oakheart
Green Cord


Perizada Qhasar
Victory In Competition09/16/1998Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts11/21/1998Vatavia
Act of Dedication05/19/1999Vatavia
Award of Arms
Golden Calon Swan06/15/2000Calontir
Torse 03/03/2001Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences04/26/2003Vatavia
Golden Heart04/26/2003Vatavia
Radiant Lioness04/26/2003Vatavia


Persephone Odymsy Penelope Bonmatin

Name was registered in August of 1997, A.S. XXXII.

Also Known as: Penelope Bonmatin, Ezmoriah Dupree

Blazon: Azure, three roundels and a demi-sun issuant from base Or. Arms was registered in August of 1997, A.S. XXXII.

Award of Arms08/31/1996Calontir
Act of Dedication09/18/1996Vatavia


Phaedra of Vatavia Phaedra of Vatavia

Name was registered in June of 2005, A.S. XL.

Also Known as: Tjia of Alexandria

Blazon: Vert, a spiderweb and a sinister tierce argent. Arms was registered in May of 2006, A.S. XLI.

Act of Dedication05/17/2000Vatavia
Award of Arms03/23/2002Calontir
Golden Heart05/19/2004Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts05/18/2005Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan11/05/2005Calontir


Philippe du Rouchard Philippe du Rouchard

Name was registered in March of 2004, A.S. XXXVIII.

Blazon: Per pale argent and azure all estencely, a fleur-de-lys counterchanged. Arms was registered in October of 2005, A.S. XL.

Act of Dedication07/21/2004Vatavia
Golden Heart04/23/2005Vatavia
Award of Arms11/04/2006Calontir


Phillipa Lloyd de Tarifa Phillipa Lloyd de Tarifa

Name was registered in March of 1985, A.S. XIX.

Also Known as: Phillip Lloyd the Pathfinder

Blazon: Gules, on a pile inverted throughout counter-ermine between two horses salient respectant, a dolphin hauriant embowed argent. Arms was registered in March of 1985, A.S. XIX.

Blazon: Gules, a pile inverted throughout counter-ermine, overall a horse's head couped argent. Badge was registered in December of 1988, A.S. XXIII.

Award of Arms03/24/1984Calontir
Achievement in the Arts06/07/1986Vatavia
Act of Dedication06/07/1986Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan07/05/1986Calontir
Golden Heart05/01/1988Vatavia
Treasure of the Barony02/19/1992Vatavia
Star of Vatavia05/02/1992Vatavia
Calon Lily02/06/1993Calontir
Radiant Lioness01/17/1996Vatavia


Philomenia Ffrayser
Act of Dedication06/21/2006Vatavia
Award of Arms09/01/2007Calontir



Also Known as: Cota Suda
Award of Arms09/01/2013Calontir
Act of Dedication


Act of Dedication04/29/2008Vatavia



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