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Walter of Groves
Award of Arms01/09/1982Calontir


Wanda the Wanderer
Act of Dedication01/22/1992Vatavia


Act of Dedication06/11/1997Vatavia


Weland Healf-Dane


Award of Arms07/20/1991Calontir
Green Cord
Act of Dedication05/18/1994Vatavia
Treasure of the Barony09/05/1994Vatavia


Wilhelm von BurenWilhelm von Buren

Name was registered in July of 1991, A.S. XXVI.

Blazon: Per pale azure and Or, a nesselblat counterchanged. Device was registered in July of 1991, A.S. XXVI.

Act of Dedication05/03/1992Vatavia


William Alban DouglasWilliam Alban Douglas

Name was registered in March of 2012, A.S. XLVI.

Blazon: Quarterly Or and argent, a thistle proper and on a chief sable two arrows inverted in saltire argent. Device was registered in October of 2012, A.S. XLVII.

Victory In Competition01/11/1997Vatavia
Act of Dedication04/16/2011Vatavia
Award of Arms09/03/2011Calontir
Zeman Straz01/28/2012Vatavia
Leather Mallet01/28/2012Calontir
Golden Heart10/12/2013Vatavia
Radiant Lioness01/21/2015Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences04/02/2016Vatavia
Silver Hammer09/03/2016Calontir
Cepel Straz09/25/2016Vatavia
Cross of Calontir04/08/2017Calontir
Star of Vatavia06/04/2017Vatavia
Stile Hirth06/16/2017Calontir


William Blackfox

Name was registered in May of 1981, A.S. XVI.

Blazon: Barry wavy of ten argent and azure, an African lion passant erect playing a Scottish bagpipe proper within a bordure gules. Arms was registered in May of 1981, A.S. XVI.

Blazon: Per fess arched argent and azure, a fox's head sable, erased gules, gorged of a collar Or. Badge was registered in November of 1981, A.S. XVI.

Master William Blackfox, from Ansteorra, was the first non-Vatavian to be presented with an Act of Dedication. Later a special green cord was instituted to recognize non-Vatavians who worked baronial events.

Act of Dedication11/20/1991Vatavia


William FidgettWilliam Fidgett

Name was registered in July of 1991, A.S. XXVI.

Blazon: Per bend sinister indented argent and sable, two skunks statant and marked counterchanged. Arms was registered in September of 1992, A.S. XXVII.

Act of Dedication05/25/1991Vatavia
Award of Arms03/23/1996Calontir
Award of Arms07/06/2002Calontir
Leather Mallet03/01/2003Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences04/26/2003Vatavia
Golden Heart05/19/2004Vatavia


William of StonebridgeWilliam of Stonebridge

Name was registered in February of 2007, A.S. XLI.

Blazon: Gules, an eagle rising and a tierce Or. Arms was registered in February of 2007, A.S. XLI.

Blazon: Per fess embattled gules and Or, a single-arched bridge argent and a double-horned anvil sable. Badge was registered in February of 2007, A.S. XLI.

Leather Mallet08/31/2008Calontir
Act of Dedication11/19/2008Vatavia


William V'tavia (Humpk d'Bohunk)William Vatavia

Name was registered in June of 1985, A.S. XX.

Also known as: Humpk d'Bohan.

Blazon: Azure, a sword inverted Or surmounted by a skull argent between in fess a pair of wings, all between three roses Or. Arms was registered in December of 1983, A.S. XVIII.

Golden Heart01/01/1979Vatavia
Award of Arms04/07/1979Calontir
Act of Dedication01/10/1980Vatavia
Silver Hammer09/27/1980Calontir
Victory in Competition01/10/1981Vatavia
Grant of Arms06/13/1981Calontir
Territorial Baronage06/13/1981Calontir
Achievement in the Sciences04/04/1982Vatavia
Star of Vatavia12/19/1982Vatavia
Cross of Calontir11/05/1983Calontir
Order of Chivalry/Knight10/27/1984Calontir
Order of the Laurel07/05/1986Calontir
Court Barony09/06/1987Calontir
Sword of Calontir09/19/1987Calontir
Achievement in the Arts11/12/1988Vatavia
Golden Calon Swan05/19/1990Calontir
Warden of the South09/05/2009Calontir


Queen’s Chalice09/16/2017Calontir


Wolfrm von den Schwartzen Rose
Green Cord


Wolfstaan Wulferson
Act of Dedication02/21/2007Vatavia


Wulfric TyrrellWulfric Tyrrell

Name was registered in January of 1996, A.S. XXX.

Blazon: Sable, a fess checky Or and gules between in chief three anchors and in base a wolf's head argent. Arms was registered in January of 1996, A.S. XXX.

Green Cord04/25/1998Vatavia
Act of Dedication04/29/2001Vatavia
Leather Mallet05/19/2001Calontir
Victory in Competition09/18/2002Vatavia
Achievement in the Sciences05/19/2004Vatavia
Golden Heart05/19/2004Vatavia
King's Favor04/16/2005Calontir
Star of Vatavia11/05/2005Vatavia
King's Favor03/17/2007Calontir
Order of Chivalry/Knight 06/20/2008Calontir
Territorial Baronage01/17/2009Calontir
Court Baronage03/26/2011Calontir


Wylfridd Taliesin
Act of Dedication02/01/1981Vatavia
Award of Arms06/13/1981Calontir
Golden Calon Swan09/26/1981Calontir
Radiant Lioness03/06/1983Vatavia
Star of Vatavia09/02/1983Vatavia
Achievement in the Arts11/17/1984Vatavia
Calon Lily11/02/1985Calontir



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