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About the SCA
History as Re-Enactment

Armouring and Combat

Medieval Warfare
    Crusades and History
    Other Crusades, The
    Organization of Crusading Armies, The
    Hideyoshi War, The
    Legality of Noble Warfare, The
    Origins of Tournaments, The

Arts and Sciences

Historical Information
    Coming of Guns, The
    Damascus Steel
    Doctor's Education, A
    Herb Gardens
    How Sweet It Is
    Language in the Middle Ages
    Medieval Astrology
    Medieval Mathematics
    Medieval Mechanical Power
    Medieval Newspapers
    Medieval Ships
    Medieval Time
    Musical Instruments
    Period Dictionaries
    Spectacles: Seeing Made Easy
    Spring Agriculture
    A Star, A Star, Portents in the Night
    Weather Lore

Awards of Vatavia
"Rest" of Heraldry, The
Writing Award Recommendations

Persona Stories
    So You Want to Know about Thomas Bacon?

Historical Figures
All The William Tells
Bruce in Ireland, The
Eleanor and the Courts of Love
Grand Catalan Company, The
Legend of Arthur, The
Legend of Pope Joan, The
Medieval Pirates
Prestor John
Protector of the Faith (Saladin)
Varangian Guard, The
What’s with St. Valentine?
Who is Robin Hood?
Who is St. Stephen?
William, Duke of Normandy
The Worthies

Society and Culture

    Celebrating the Easter Season
    Christmas Carols
    Christmas to Epiphany, From
    Harvest Festivals
    May Day Festivities

    Archaic Proverbs
    Medieval Vocabulary I
    Medieval Vocabulary II

    Feast Food
    Harvest, The
    Medieval Bath
    Medieval Demographics
    Medieval Faire
    Medieval Thought
    What If?
    Who Said it was Dark?

    Donation of Constantine, The
    Early Irish Church, The
    Of Friars,
    And Monks,
    And Other Clergy
    Glossary of Clergy, A
    Inquisition, The
    Legend of Pope Joan, The
    Life of a Parish Priest, The
    Missive, A (Letter from Rome)
    Passion Plays
    Penance in the Middle Ages
    Pins and Angels
    What is a Parish?
    What’s with St. Valentine?

Social Structure
    Caste System, The
    Coronation Ceremony
    Feudal Oath, The
    Importance of Hunting, The
    What's a Baron?

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