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The Quests of the Barony

by Friar Thomas Bacon (David Moreno)
Orignally published in the May 1991, A.S. XXVI issue of the Dragonflyre, a publication of the Barony of Vatavia.

One of the prime objectives of the Society is to research the days of yore. This need not to be restricted to the dim yesteryears of the Middle Ages, but can also include the resent past of the Society. Nor confined to formal tact such as Vatavia History Part 1 (out of print), Part 2 (undergoing editing), or Part 3 (currently being assembled). The following (hopefully the first of several such articles) is written in this spirit.

One of the more venerable traditions in Vatavia is the marriage quest. This tradition started the winter of AS16 when Cire El-Akrab (Earl Sir Edward Cire Greymore) asked Humpk d'Bohun (Duke Sir William V'tavia) for the hand of Elizabeth de Rossingol, as she was a member of Humpk's household, and he claimed her as his daughter. At the time Humpk was reigning as Prince of Calontir, and Vatavia and Forgotten Sea were building up to a War. It is not known if the concept of the quest had been arranged beforehand, but with a twinkle in his eye, Humpk announced that before he could give his approval, Cire must prove his worth and was made vicar of Vatavia. Later at the Coronet tourney to select Humpk's successor, Cire asked again, only to be given the additional tasks of coming up with a brideprice, and a roc's tooth. The former demand led to the famous exchange of:

Cire: Will you take a check?
Humpk: I am a Czech!

Humpk being a Bohemian, a part of latter-day Czechoslovakia. In court at the war, in which Cire led the victorious Vatavian army, Cire presented his efforts to Humpk. Since a roc being a bird uses a gizzard in lieu of teeth. So Cire present a stone from a roc's gizzard, which happened to be composed of gold, satisfying the money requirement. After examining it for a few seconds, Humpk then casually threw it over his shoulder, nearly missing Mammara's foot, and pronounced that he would have to ponder on the matter a little longer. At which Cire nearly wilted at the thought at what other diabolical tasks Humpk would set. But the following morning, Humpk gave his permission for Cire to marry Elizabeth, which took place at Valor Tourney that fall.

While succeeding quests were never quite so epic in their execution, they were notable in other ways. Such as Sir Tedrick's having five to perform the summer of his marriage to Aideen. Fr. Thomas' was in response to his simultaneous marriage to two ladies, and ended up embarrassing the quest giver as much as, if not more so, the quester. And then there is Tristen who has managed to avoid a quest for a year and a half.

The following is a list of quests that have been given out over the years to the best of my recollection and scanty records.

Sir Edward Greymore: To prove his leadership skill, provide a bride price, a roc's tooth.
Sir Robert of the Woodlands: ?
Conn Dryhtguma: ?
Sir Gabriel ap Morgan: The last tree from the great Sahara forest.
Leofric de Thornburgh: A rattan bullet.
Sir Tedrick von Wolfschetten: The love song of a palm tree, a shrubbery.
vLawrence the Leech: To find a rock python.
Fr. Thomas Bacon: To draw the V'tavian family tree.
Aelfric Frithariksson: Find the last surviving frog from the Biblical Egyptian plague that speaks Greek.
Reynoldo il Bianco: The missing nose of the Sphinx
Robert the Scott: The arms of Venus de'Milo
Harold Isenross: The specter of the lizard king of Triatia.
Zanni the Lost: To fletch an arrow worthy of his lady.
Odindessa the Grim: To present the lost eye of Odin and the saga of how it was lost.
Brude: The muzzle of the Finnerious Beast.
Kendal of Rosewood: A piece of the Forge of Wayland the Smith.
Susan: The bookmark of St Peter's Book of Life.
Ivar the Neckless: The tonsils from the Midguard Serpent
Find William Tellís arrow (from the apple shot)
Cath the Great Salmon
Find that which his lady lacks.


Copyright © 1991 - present His Lordship Friar Thomas Bacon (David Moreno). All rights reserved.


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