The Third Crusade
Richard the Lionheart (European) vs Saladin (Middle Eastern)

Welcome to the Longest Running Tournament in Calontir.

Where: Whispering Winds Camp, 9601 W. 73rd ST N., Valley Center, Ks. 67147

Directions: Take your best route to I-135 in Wichita, KS. Follow I-135 to the north edge of Wichita, to K-96 West. Continue K-96 to Ridge Road. Take Ridge Road north to 73rd St. North. Turn left on 73rd St., and continue for several miles. The road leads to and ends at site. Look for SCA Signs.

When: 1 Sep – 4 Sep 2017

Gate and Site Opens: Sept. 1st 6:00 pm – 12:00 am
2nd 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
3rd 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
4th Site closes @ 12:00 pm
Lost and found will be at Gate during the weekend.
Event Registration: Checks payable to SCA, Inc – Barony of Vatavia
Adult w/ member discount:$15
Youth (6-17):$5
Child (5 and under)Free
Family Cap: $50.00 ($40.00 with Adult Member Discount)

Heavy Fighting –

9:00 am - Inspections and Authorizations
10:00 am - Melee’s all-day fighting (Bridge, Open field). Fight for your team and earn Battle points.

9:00 am – Inspections
10:00 am Tournament of Valor - 2 handed weapon with thrust (Bastard Sword).
Afternoon Guardian Invitational – Description: any past winner or can invite someone to fight in their stead; they may have a representative for each number of times they have won Tournament of Valor.

C&T Activities and Tournaments -

9:30 am -- Inspections *Authorizations can be squeezed in as needed throughout the day
10:00 am -- Quick Dagger Warm-up - Daggers only bear-pit. Either double or single dagger. First person to have 10 wins is the victor.
10:30-ish am -- Butcher Tourney - Back by popular demand. Round robin formatted tourney. Each fighter will draw (in secret) their own card with a body part on it. That body part becomes their kill shot. For example, I draw a right arm… the only blow that can kill me is one struck on my right arm. But my opponent doesn’t know that. Therefore, the game becomes a process of elimination.
1:00 pm -- Valor Champion Tournament - Double elimination tourney. Each fighter will choose one and only one weapon system to fight with the entire tournament. Regardless of the system their opponent has chosen. The only exception to this rule is during the final round... that will be fought with a longsword and only a longsword.

After Valor Champion Tournament - Impromptu Melees and/or Pick Ups.

6:00-ish pm -- Crossover Discussion -- A casual, over drinks, discussion focusing on fighting tips, tricks, or techniques that can be implemented on both armored combat and cut and thrust fields. Fighting is fighting, right? Those "leading" (more like casually opening) the discussion are HE Logan, HE Gawayne, HE Uldin (if available), and Sir Duncan MacTorquil. BYOB

10:00 am --Morning of Melees, run by HE Donald. To include a few rounds of Meanest Mother and Stile Hus Against the World.

** Those that do not qualify to participate in melees are welcome to do pickups off to the side. There will be a marshal available (me) to oversee pickups if needed.

Archery – Valor Archery Tournament Saturday A.M., Other shoots TBA


Competitions -
9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Valor A&S Champion - An item carried or used by either side during the Crusade. By populace vote. Votes in by 4:00 P.M. Sunday.
Made on Site Competition - Any project in any medium made while on site ONLY. 3x5 card documentation ONLY. Judging will be at 4pm on Sunday.

Classes -

2:00 pm -- Your Friend Google, Taught by Lady Vashti al-Asar
Research tips, websites, and databases that will make the most of your time. Starting with useful tips regardless of subject matter and ending with a few sources that are specific to Middle Eastern topics.
3:00 pm -- What Are They Wearing? Taught by HL Roise inghean ui Ruaidhri
A comparison of Middle Eastern and Turkish woman's clothing.

10:00 am -- The Middle Eastern Perspective, Taught by Lady Vashti al-Asar
A look into the crusades from the Middle Eastern perspective. How cultures clashed and fused.
11:00 am -- Weaving Roundtable, organized by HL Roise inghaen ui Ruaidhri
Bring your inkle weaving projects, ideas, and questions. For tips, tricks, ways to fix patterns, and read patterns.

Bardic – After dinner Saturday night 7:00 P.M. Valor Bardic Champion Contest by Entertaining their Excellencies with something different. Song or Story that is not usually heard.

Earn Battle points: Winner or Winning side can earn One (1) point for their side by winning an event or melee. The side with the most points will be announced by their Excellencies at the Sunday night Party they are sponsoring. Find (Lady Astrid) at her Kiln to make a one-time offering to your side for a battle point. Only can be done one per person for the weekend.

Tavern: Running all weekend up to Sunday Afternoon.
• Tavern Menu –
o Sat. & Sun. Breakfast 7-9 am – Biscuits and pork gravy, Cinnamon rolls, baggy of apples $2.00
o Sat. & Sun. Lunch 11 – 1 pm– Gyros with Humus, Veggies, and Cucumber Sauce $3.00
o Dinner Sat. 4 – 7 pm - Marinated Kabobs, Rice Dish (rice with dried yellow fava beans) and flat bread $1.00 per skewer of meat, Skewer of veggies $.50 per skewer (eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, and mushrooms) $1.00 for rice and bread.
o Tea and water available All day.

Sunday Night Party – (on Site) Fajita Party provided by Their Excellencies Uldin and Sung. Bring your favorite drink and or a side dish to share or just for you.

Site Amenities: Site is discreetly wet.

The site includes a A/C full hall, plenty of camping space, a nature trail, showers, indoor restrooms, and fire pits.

No ground fires are allowed!

Dogs are allowed if on leash or in a run. Please clean up any messes.

Limited bunk/bed space available located in the Main AC Hall and in the cabin. Please contact Lady Margaret MacKenzie for reservations/per-registrations. $15.00 for a bottom Bunk and $10.00 for a top bunk.


Event StewardTavern / ReservationistTavern
Lord Robert The ScotLady Margaret MacKenzie Lady Elizabeth A. Draper
215 W 12th3594 N Forrest Ridge
Hutchinson, Ks 67501Wichita, Ks. 67205
Fighter MarshalC&T / A&S Bardic Heraldry Consult table
Lord Magnus O’CarrLady Maria Arosa de Santa OlallaLordship Jóhann SteinarssonHer Excellency Marie Chantal Delaire