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You are not required to purchase an SCA membership before attending SCA meetings and events. Membership is a requirement for holding office in SCA groups, for participation in combat and combat-related activities in some kingdoms, and for eligibility to receive awards in some kingdoms.
To learn more about the benefits of purchasing a membership please visit the Membership Services section on the SCA's official site.

SCA Online Membership Service
SCA Membership Form PDF format
SCA Online Change-of-Address Request Form

Non-Member Surcharge (NMS)

The following documents describe what the NMS is and when it is to be collected, as well as how to record the money collected and where to send it after an event.

Non-Member Surcharge Overview
Non-Member Surcharge Form


Non-members are required to sign a non-member waiver each time they come to an event. There are two types of non-member forms for adults:

Adult Waiver form
Adult Roster-style waiver

The Minor's Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement, otherwise known as the Minor Waiver, is the required form for non-member minors. This form must be filled out and signed by the non-member minorís parent or legal guardian at every event attended. Just like for the adults, there are two types of non-member forms for minors:

Minor's Waiver form
Minor's Roster-style waiver

An unaccompanied non-member minor will not be admitted to an event unless a Medical Authorization Form has been completed. This form designates that an adult that is attending the event can authorize medical care for the minor in case of an emergency. Although this form need only be executed if a parent or guardian will not be present at the event, it is strongly recommended that the form be filled out even if the minor is attending with a parent or legal guardian.

Medical Authorization for Single Minor
Medical Authorization for Families

Name Submission
Device Submission

Vatavian Award Recommendations

Vatavian Online Award Recommendation Form
Vatavian Award Recommendation Form PDF format

Calontir Award Recommendations

Donít forget to review the Kingdom Level Order of Precedence for Calontir before recommending someone for an award, which can be found at!

Calontir Online Award Recommendation Form
Calontir Award Recommendation Form PDF format
Awards of Calontir - a brief description of the awards and orders of Calontir

Letter about the new release forms
Release Forms FAQ
Model Release Form
Model Release Form (PDF with fillable blanks)
Photographer Release Form
Photographer Release Form (PDF with fillable blanks)
Creative Work Copyright Assignment / Grant of Use Form
Creative Work Copyright Assignment / Grant of Use Form (PDF with fillable blanks)


Electronic Publication Policy

As outlined by Corpora, a member or non-member's personal information will not be published on Vatavia's Baronial Web site without prior consent. This permission must be received in writing - e-mail is acceptable, and remains in effect until it is revoked.

Electronic Publication Permission Form

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