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OFFICERS’ MEETING [Booth] Make ICT, 5920 E. Mt. Vernon, Wichita, Kansas

18 members participated: 12 Baronage/ officers/deputies/champions; 4members of the populace; 2 children

The contract for the site for the Yule Winter Merriment event in Andover January 4, 2020 has been received. There will be a finance committee meeting after the Officers’ meeting to authorize this site budget. A Yule committee meeting will be held at this month’s populace. Any suggestions for activities or to sponsor an activity should be presented to that committee or one of its members. The new Seneschal gave each officer a 14 month calendar to facilitate planning through December 2020.

The schedule for the themed presentations at Exploration Place for the beginning of the year is still being finalized. There is a winter themed presentation and scavenger hunt there on December 8th. A request has been received from the Museum of World Treasures for a presentation of a craft or skill by an artisan either September 2nd or October 7th ,2020 at 1:30 pm. See Marie if you are interested.

The Calontir Internal and External Letters for November have been posted. Each has Vatavian proposals for consideration. The deadline for letters and submissions for the December 31st Dragonflyre is December 11th. Next week’s arts and sciences class will be Robert the Scot teaching how to make turn shoes.

The Exchequer reported a balance of $18,345.59. Budget requests for the 2020 fiscal year are to be turned in by the January Officers’ meeting. The Exchequer went over several financial policies. The Kingdom has asked that all reimbursements and associated paperwork on funds transfers be done by Christmas to facilitate reporting for the quarter and for the year end Domesday report. Deadlines for Non-Member Registration (NMR) fees and profit shares/donations delivery to Kingdom were announced. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in the suspension of the group. It was stressed that no funds may be withdrawn from event cash boxes, for any reason, except to be deposited in the bank account. All events must have a budget presented to the financial committee for approval, for Kingdom events at least three months prior to the event. No moneys can be distributed if a budget or the expense has not been authorized by the committee. Events can hold on site auctions but not online auctions or raffles.

Due to an event at OJ Watson Park the fighter practice for November 10th will be moved this one time to South Linwood Park. A winter work day will be scheduled sometime next month for C and T, armored combat, and archery participants. There will also be space to work on other projects such as leatherworking. An extra large mask is needed for the C and T loaner gear. Other loaner armor for the armored combat will be obtained over the break. Fighter practice will resume for the winter at the indoor site at Exploration Place on January 5th. Practices will start at noon.

The new Seneschal, Robert the Scot, presented his expectations for officers during his tenure. The lines of communication need to be reconsidered with the loss of the Yahoo Dragonfly-online group. Not every local member is on social media. It is proposed that changes in meeting schedules or locations and cancellations be made at a minimum at least three hours prior. This is especially an issue with changing weather conditions.

It is a goal to increase awareness of the Society at all events, including fighter practice and weekly meetings, by interacting with interested people and signage. The current projects are to be worked on over the winter months to avoid the last minute rush to complete things. The shade flies and entry banner painting need to be finished. New direction signs were proposed.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING October 2, 2019 Downtown YMCA 402 N. Market, Wichita, KS, 67202

15 members were present: 9 Baronage/ officers/ deputies/ event stewards; 6 m3members of the populace

Crown Tournament is October 12th. Members are encouraged to consider competing in the arts and sciences competition on travel and exploration.

The October 19th presentation for the Classical Conversations home school group is looking for volunteers and a marshal for this presentation. The Zoo has changed their Halloween event to an all day daytime ‘Boo at the Zoo. Interested members should contact Marie to volunteer. The next presentations at Exploration Place are October 27th on period Bestiaries and December 8th on Winter Traditions. Volunteers should contact HE Marie

October 9th will be an arts and sciences class on basic garb. Future classes will be on voice projection and shoes. Bertram’s device resubmission and badge are on the September internal letter. Elizabeth’s Raven’s name change and Eyfríðr’s badge should be on the October letter. The third quarter Dragonflyre was posted September 30th. The Baronial Order of Precedence has been updated with the Valor Kingdom awards and the local awards from Ren fair.

The Exchequer sent in a report on the balance: $18,352.59

Fighter practice will continue at OJ Watson Park as weather permits. Fighting will probably be on hiatus from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. Indoor practice will begin at Exploration Place January 5th.

The new Seneschal, Robert the Scott, will take office at the October populace meeting. Applications are being accepted until October 23rd for the offices of Web Minister and Exchequer both who will be stepping down in January. Other vacant office will be accepting applications at a future date.

Her Excellency thanked everyone for all their work and efforts during Valor and the Renaissance Festival. The volunteer prize drawing winners who were not at the Renaissance Festival but were in attendance at the meeting received their prizes.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING September 4, 201, O.J. Watson Park 3022 S. McLean Blvd., Wichita, Kansas

19 members attended: 12 Baronage/ officers/deputies/champions; 7 members of the populace

A date proposed by the Classical Conversations home school group for a presentation conflicts with Crown Tournament. To date nothing has been finalized for this request. Their contact person will be informed that we need details at least two weeks prior to the presentation. This deadline would be the beginning of October. Exploration Place is already planning for the beginning of 2020. The Kingdom calendar will be checked and dates selected.

The Great Plains Fall Renaissance Festival is in three weeks, the last weekend in September. The Festival is revamping and refurbishing signs, the entrance, and other items for their 20th anniversary. Brynjólfr will be organizing the Dell. A heraldic entrance pathway was proposed for our area. Activities both new and past were discussed.

The Arts and Sciences Minister is planning to ask entrants from the Valor opulence arts and sciences competition to come teach a class here. The next Dragonflyre will be published the end of the month. Officer letters are due by the 19th.

The Exchequer reported the deposit for Valor. The post mortem will be held at the populace meeting this month. Final numbers will be available then once all the reports are in and reimbursements made. The Baronage thanked all for their efforts. There were comments received by the Baronage about the quality of the event.

It was announced that the new Knight Marshal will be Brynjólfr. Master Jóhann has put together a team of archers from Calontir to be the Vatavian team at King’s Companie of Archers’ event, Vatavian archers being unavailable.

The search for a new meeting site has been narrowed down to two possibilities: The downtown YMCA and the new Make ICT building. After discussion of the various merits of each location is was decided to arrange to use the Make ICT facility starting next Wednesday.

Both the Web Minister and Exchequer will be stepping down the end of September. Application letters will be due November. It has already been announced that the Seneschal will be stepping down. It was noted that the Minister of Youth and the Social Media positions are still open. Members are encouraged to consider applying for a position

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING August 7, 2019 , downtown YMAC 402 N. Market, Wichita, Kansas

11 members: 7 Baronage/ officers/deputies/ event stewards; 4 members of the populace

The Next Exploration Place demos are October 27th and December 8th on holiday traditions with a scavenger hunt. The evenings of October 25th-27th is our participation at the Night of the Living Zoo. A home school group has requested a presentation this Fall when they will be studying the Middle Ages. Dates and subjects are still being determined.

Valor plans are being finalized for the event starting August 30th. Valor sign up for teaching classes, gate, tavern serving and other areas is online. People need to actually sign up to facilitate planning. It is hoped to get enough people doing gate to free Their Excellencies to enjoy Their first Valor as Baronage. Volunteers’ names will be entered into a drawing for prizes for each hour that they volunteer.

Bertram Grürock’s name and Kennocht Armstrang’s name and shield have been registered. There are a couple more proposals to be sent in. The Web Minister will be required to step down at the end of this year. Officer letters are needed by September 19th for publication in the Dragonflyre. Arts and sciences currently scheduled may need to be rescheduled. Locations of meetings should be checked on the various online posting locations. This includes finishing one of the one shade fly before Valor. This information will also be posted on the various online options the Barony utilizes.

The Exchequer reported a balance of $15,366.33 in the Baronial account.

Due to maintenance issues causing health concerns, the American Legion Post contract has not been renewed. Information is being gathered about several other meeting location options. Other location rental policies and costs are being obtained. Suggestions of meeting locations are appreciated. At this point in time there is not a lot of information available but no decision has been made. Pros and cons of all current sites being considered are being discussed.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING July 17, 2019 , American Legion post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

17 members: 12 Baronage/ officers/deputies/ event stewards; 5 members of the populace.

The Exploration Place presentations July 27th and 28th are finalizing plans. Due to a change of location the 27th presentation plans are bring modified. No invitation has been received to date from the Museum of World Treasures for our participation in their annual Customer Appreciation Day in August.

Plans for Valor continue. Volunteers are still needed for gate, tavern and general help. Voice heralds are needed. It was announced that the new list field is almost done and the torches are completed. New paperwork for Pay Pal has been sent to Kingdom. It will be stressed that credit cards will not be accepted due to the unreliability of internet reception at the site. Also due to a prior commitment close to Valor the Equestrian Marshal has informed Vatavia that there will be no equestrian activities held there this year.

Vatavia has received an invitation to join Ansteorra in celebrating their 40th year. September 19th- 22nd in Moonshadowe. The Great Plains Renaissance is the following weekend September 28th- 29th. The Officers will be organizing our Festival participation.

The Arts and Sciences Minister has classes lined up but needs to confirm dates. The next Dragonflyre will be published the end of September. Letters and contributions need to be in by September 19th. The Web Minister announced that he is to step down the end of this year. The Caltrop Pursuivant Zoë is working on things heraldic to be available through Quizlet.

The Exchequer reported a balance of 13,358.33 with no outstanding checks or deposits. The second quarter report balanced and has been sent in. Her Excellency Genèvieve reported on a meeting at Coronation where it was discussed having donations and/or tithes earmarked for the regalia fund. After several decades many items are needing to be replaced. It was noted that the coronation tithe is already to go to the general fund per the bid and contract for that event. Suggestions for fund raising would be appreciated by Their Excellencies.

Fighter practice and archery practice continue at OJ Watson Park on Sundays starting at 10 am. Cut and thrust is continuing also. There is an additional practice being held concurrent with activities at the American Legion Post on Wednesday evenings.

The Seneschal had no major announcements from the meetings at Calon Con this year. The Exchequer noted that there would be a change from Yahoo to Goggle I her office but no details have been received on that change.

Her Excellency Genèvieve reported on a trip she, other Vatavians and Westumbrians made to Scottsdale Kansas to the new contact group there, Borderlands. There are currently 7 members there. One who is a librarian announced the summer reading program theme for next year, Medieval Dreams. The group is planning a demonstration for the first weekend in early May 2020 to tie in with that program.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING June 5, 2019 , American Legion post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

14 members: 7 officers/deputies/ 2 / deputies event stewards; members of the populace and 1 child.

Valor has been rescheduled to Labor Day weekend due to weather. All changes have been made and contracts modified to reflect the change. The new Kingdom format does not yet reflect the rescheduling. Insurance and Pay Pal for the event have been handled as well.

The request to participate in Exploration Places Storm the Castle event celebrating the renovation of that area was approved. The request to be involved in the Liberal Memorial Library Back to the Future time travel event will be passed onto Westumbria due to concerns over distance and it now tentatively scheduled for Thursday or Friday July 25th or 26th.

Two Vatavian proposals are on the May internal letter for consideration. There were no local proposals on the March registration Letter of Acceptances and Returns. Names associated with historically infamous, horrible are to be included in the expanded policy for offensiveness. The next Dragonflyre will be for June 30th. Deadline for officer letters is June 20th.

The Exchequer reported $15,675.83 in the bank. The Valor insurance payment will be reimbursed and new payment issued for the rescheduled date.

Fighter practice for June 9th is cancelled to encourage members to attend the Baronial investiture and Jóhann’s elevation to the Order of the Pelican. It will resume June 16th at the regular 10 am. time.

The Seneschal needs applications for the deputy position of Social Media Officer. She has received one application for the Knight’s Marshal position but is still accepting applications. She would like to have more than one person to chose from.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING May 1, 2019 , American Legion post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

21 members: 9 Baronage/ officers/deputies/ event stewards; 5 members participated in the meeting

Valor is May 24th-26th. Volunteers are needed for set up, take down, trash and bathroom checks. Servers for feast can also be signing up. Gate shifts are being scheduled as well. Their Excellencies have been informed they will step down in Saturday evening court. The schedule of classes will be posted tonight.

Lilies volunteering is being organized. Vatavia’s traditional gate shift of Sunday 8am to 2 pm is open for signing up. the Barony is also sponsoring arts and sciences luncheons on Monday and Wednesday volunteers and food donations are being requested.

The schedule of themed presentations at Exploration Place for June through December has been arranged. There is a special ‘Storm the Castle’ event tentatively planned for July 27th EP would like us to be involved with. There are no details at this time. The next Renaissance Festival is September 28th-29th.

The deadline for the next issue of the Dragonflyre is June 20th. Several heraldic changes on name policy from national were read. One Vatavian badge proposal was returned for conflict. Arts and sciences the rest of this month will focus on largess and the tent/shade fly construction.

Currently there is $15,703.83 in the bank. Money has been received for heraldic proposals. Purchase of loaner armor is still being finalized.

The interim Marshal will continue to hold practice at OJ Watson Park. One individual has expressed interest in the position and is writing a letter of application. Archery practice continues at the same site and same time. Stumps are available to have thrown weapon practice as well. Cardboard is needed for the archery targets. An individual expressing interest in becoming warranted for archery was referred to Ld. Konrad.

The Baronage thanked all who have served during Their time on the thrones. They ask all officers continuing with the incoming Baronage to provide their warrant date and membership information.

The Seneschal is accepting letters of application for Knight Marshal. A social Media officer is still needed.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING April 3, 2019 American Legion post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

25 members- 2 children: 11 Baronage/ officers/deputies and 4 members participated in the meeting.

Sunday April 7th is the last scheduled theme presentation at Exploration Place. Presentations for July to December will be planned and scheduled soon. Other requested demos are in process and not yet finalized. It was announced that there would be a documentary video crew at the Spring Great Plains Renaissance Festival. The Kingdom Social Media officer was contacted as to policy when a local group does not have a Social Media officer in place. To promote The Great Plains Festival Eagles Realm is asking for individuals wanting to assist at Pop-Con May 31st as part of the Wichita River Festival. This is not a request for Vatavia.

April 13th-15th is the Renaissance Festival. Many Vatavians have other obligations that weekend. Their Excellencies thanked everyone in advance who are heading up activities and already volunteered. Sunday April 28th will be Champions’. Their Excellencies would like to meet with the members of Their Orders at that time.

The Dragonflyre has been published and posted. The Laurel decision on Eyfríðr’s badge proposal is expected in May. Anyone interested in voice heraldry are encouraged to try it. The schedule for classes for Valor will be posted soon. There are still openings for those wishing to do a class. Contact Eyfríðr to be added.

The Exchequer reported a balance of $15, 206. The quarterly report will be sent to Kingdom as soon as the bank statement is received. The cut and thrust Marshal is looking for a gently used extra large mask for the loaner equipment. New loaner equipment for armored combat has been obtained and a list will be given to the Property Master. It was reminded that any reimbursement not pre-approved will need to be decided by the financial committee after receipts are provided.

Armored combat and cut and thrust practice both have moved to outdoor practice. Both will start meeting now at 10 am to 1 pm with the warmer weather. Archery will resume April 7th, depending on weather and horses. The paperwork to the park is ready for delivery.

Their Excellencies reminded individuals that wished to send letters to Their Majesties regarding the new Baronage selection have a very short time to respond. They stressed that these are for information; not as a vote. These are your words and are in writing. Be informative, honest, courteous, and forthright. At Champions’ and other meetings Their Excellencies will be asked to sit in. For Themselves and the new Baronage they requested largess for Valor.

The Seneschal is accepting letters for the position of Social Media officer which is the front line person for all social media platforms. Eyfríðr’ offered to show interested members about Instagram; Zoë offered for Twitter.

The Seneschal also announced that due to some unforeseen changes in her work schedule that she will not be at the Great Plains Festival until Sunday.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING March 6, 2019 , American Legion post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

21 members-2 children: 11 Baronage/ officers/deputies attended the meeting

The only scheduled demos or presentations are April 7th at Exploration Place on Medieval Trivia and then the Spring Great Plains Renaissance Festival. Due to the obligations of several members, volunteers for the Festival are being signed up now. Her Excellency Zoë will be organizing the pop booth. A Facebook link to Goggle Docs will be set up to volunteer for this event and activities. The end of March teachers’ presentation has been cancelled. Other presentation requests and invitations will be finalized after Gulf Wars. Members wishing to assist Golden Sea in their presentations May 4th and 5th can contact Marie or Piers Fauconer.

No heraldic information on proposals in process has been received. The Dragonflyre will be assembled starting this weekend. Officers’ letters were due today. The Baronial web site has been renewed. After Gulf Wars, nights will be scheduled to begin construction of the Baronial shade flies with a goal of having them done by Valor.

It was announced that the new Kingdom Chatelaine is organizing his office to set up an organized Kingdom wide program for recruiting and working with other offices such as Social Media to promote our organization.

The Exchequer reported a balance of $15,278, with all items having cleared. A payment will be cut this evening for the web domain payment. A special meeting of the Finance Committee was called for after Officers’

The last indoor fighter practice will be this Sunday the 10th. Practice will resume outdoors, weather permitting, after that. The cut and thrust practice will be starting a new format with two areas for their activity at fighter practice: one for classes and one for practice. Archery is awaiting warmer, favorable weather to resume.

Letters of application for the local office for Social Media are being sought. This is a deputy position of the Seneschal.

No date for letters to Their Majesties regarding the applicants for Baronage has been announced. However members were reminded these letters are NOT a vote. It is not a popular vote. It is more like a job recommendation letter. It is to provide Their Majesties, who do not live here, with information. Where do you see the Barony being right now and in the future? What is the couple’s strengths. What can they contribute to making that future? It was stressed that these are written communications. They are permanent. Consider very carefully what you say and how you say it.

Be positive, civil, polite, and do not to exaggerate.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING February 13, 2019 , American Legion post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

27 members: 9 Baronage/ officers/deputies/ event stewards; 16 other in classes or worked on projects.

The calendar of upcoming events is very full: Gulf Wars, Ren fair, Crown, Valor, Champions’. Those members not planning on attending Crown in St Louis need to contact the Seneschal so plans can be made for the local Spring Renaissance Festival April 13th-14th. There are also several presentations planned. Marie is doing a presentation to teachers on Historical Reenactment / Recreation the end of March. April 7th is the Exploration Place presentation on Medieval Trivia. Golden Sea has asked for assistance on two presentations the weekend of May 4th-5th. Marie or Piers Falconer can be contacted for details or to volunteer. The invitation to participate in the Maker Fair here April 22nd-23rd has been declined due to conflicts and being also Easter weekend. An invitation from the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) group to participate in their Final Friday activity has been pended for additional details.

The Chronicler has been rescheduled the deadline for the officer letters for the Dragonflyre to March 6th due to Gulf Wars. There was nothing to report from the Web Minister or Historian. Caltrop reported that two members names and devices had been forwarded to national for registration: Bertram and Kennocht. The Regional Herald Marie has stepped down. HL Jóhann will be teaching a class on heraldry. The arts and sciences minister reported that there are four classes already scheduled on the calendar. More will be added after Gulf Wars. She announced the competition theme for Valor will be Opulence. The prizes of silk, pearls and a Byzantine coin have already obtained.

The Exchequer reported a balance of $15,281. All checks, except for the non-member surcharge have cleared the bank. The Pay Pal monies from Coronation reservations has been received and deposited. The Property Master will be getting with those working on the Baronial tent to determine supplies needed and Baronial items that can be repurposed for this. The Knight Marshal will be getting an inventory to the Property Master of the loaner gear and needed items. Except for the helmets most of the loaner armor has been repaired.

Fighter practice continues to be well attended. There was nothing new to report from archery or from cut and thrust.

Their Excellencies reported that the canvas for the new Baronial tent has been delivered. Sometime in the already busy calendar construction dates will be scheduled and posted.

The Seneschal again requested individuals not attending Crown let her know so plans could be made for Ren faire. It was announced that Their Majesties are looking for a Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister. Application letters are due by Crown.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING January 9, 2019 American Legion post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

29 members: 12Baronage/ officers/deputies; 5 members of the populace participated; 8 members working on personal silk banners; 2 children

Last minute plans and details for Coronation here January 12th were covered. It was stressed that children were to be supervised and stay in the event areas. The site is discreetly wet with no smoking or vaping on site. All volunteers were thanked in advance for their help. All remaining largess needs to be delivered to Mistress Genèvieve. The Arts and Sciences Minister announced the up coming Kingdom events, Clothiers and Queen’s Prize, and encouraged all members to attend and participate.

The next Exploration Place presentations are scheduled for January 27th on espionage and April 7th on Medieval trivia. The date of the Great Plains Spring Renaissance Festival has changed to April 13th-14th. This is the same weekend as Crown Tournament, which several members will be attending. Members planning to help with the presentation for the Festival should notify the Seneschal as soon as possible so planning and scheduling can be started.

The Caltrop Pursuivant announced that Bertram and Kennocht’s names are on the current internal letter. The January external letter did not have any Vatavian items on it. There will be a consultation table at Coronation. The Web Minister has updated the web site with all presentations and awards done at December’s populace meeting. The latest Dragonflyre was posted the end of December, a new publication deadline for that office. The Arts and Sciences Minister has the same new deadline for that office’s reports. HE Sung announced that after Coronation work would be scheduled to start on the new canvas Baronial shade flies.

The Exchequer reported a balance of $ $12,708.74. The Domesday report is completed and balances. There is still one outstanding check, reissued in December. All other checks including the Coronation and Valor site checks have cleared. A quick review of the site registration new forms would be held right after the meeting.

The new Knight Marshal, Thorlien, repeated the announcements made at last fighter practice and posted on the Dragonfly-online and Facebook page. It was especially noted that there would be full inspections at all fighter practices, including off the head helm inspections. She is accepting applications for deputies. She would also like to see more marshals becoming warranted. There will be fighter practice the Sunday after Crown at Exploration Place. It was also stressed that any time there is an armored combat practice there is also cut and thrust practice at the same time and location.

The Seneschal again noted that the Spring Renaissance Festival would have a smaller Vatavian presence than usual. All planning to attendee need to let her know as soon as possible.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING December 5, 2018 American Legion post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

22 members: 15 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 5 members of the populace; 2 children

Coronation is here January 12th. Volunteers are still needed and encouraged. An updated ingredients list for tavern and feast will be posted soon. Largess projects are being finished and other donations accepted. Two weeks after Coronation is Winter War Maneuvers. In March is Gulf Wars. Members are encouraged to attend these Kingdom and Society events.

Presentations for the coming year are being scheduled. Exploration Place dates and subjects will be finalized this week. A presentation on re-enactment and education has been requested and approved for March.

December 12th Mistress Genèvieve will be doing an arts and sciences class on banner making. Members were reminded of the Baronial largess arts and sciences competition for Baronial award medallions and cords being held at the December populace potluck.

HE Zoë announced the registration of Kathryn die Fiamma’s shield and Stephen Cousland’s name. Loud and friendly people are encouraged to become involved in voice heraldry. The Baronial web site has been updated with the correct meeting location and Golden Heart artwork. The next issue of the Dragonflyre has a new Kingdom deadline. Letters and submissions need to be turned in by December 12th. The Arts and Sciences Minister also has a new deadline. Ly Eyfríðr would like information on projects members have been doing for this report.

The Exchequer Margaret reported a current balance of $16,452.56.Checks will be made out this evening for the deposit to the church camp for Valor and two heraldic submissions. This weekend at Kris Kinder budgeted Baronial equipment- portable holes- will be purchased. New reserved parking signs made of aluminum are being made. The finance committee finalized the new budget in October.

The last fighter practice for 2018 will be at Exploration Place December 16th. Practice will resume after the holidays. In January Master Kagemoto will step down and our new marshal step into the position. It was announced that Thorlein Knochenhauer will be the new Marshal. Cut and thrust practice will be held anytime there is an armored combat practice scheduled. Archery remains on hiatus until Spring.

Their Excellencies asked that all members step in and help at Coronation. Due to ceremonial and hosting requirements on the Baronage plus meeting They will be occupied most of the event and be unable to contribute help. They repeated the invitation for members to join them at Winter War Maneuvers and Gulf Wars.

The Seneschal announced acceptance for letters for the position of Social Media officer. Interested individuals should have an understanding and reasonable ability with social media. Interviews will be held in January. The American Legion Post where meeting are held would appreciate any interested members help with two holiday projects. They are sponsoring a family with seven children and have an Angel Tree up in the bar area.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING November 7, 2018, American Legion post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

18 members: 13 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 4 members of the populace; 1 child

Coronation will be held here January 12, 2019. It was asked that members please contact William or Lucia if they can provide crash space, including details such as smoking, pets, or if there are stairs involved. There will be limited space at the site for the display of banners. Personal banners will need to have stands. The Kingdom calendar was noted as having War Maneuvers the end of January followed by Clothiers, Queen’s Prize and Chieftains.

The last Exploration Place presentation will be December 16th on games. Future presentation dates will be posted once they are finalized. The Vatavian holiday potluck will be December 19th and include the local awards largess competition. Mistress Genèvieve is providing the prize of hand made, personalized feast gear.

There will be no populace meeting November 21st the day before Thanksgiving nor December 26th the day after Christmas.

There are plans to schedule a winter class on knitting for arts and sciences. December 12th there will be a class presented by Mistress Genèvieve on silk banner making. Interested members should have a design or idea ready. Contact Ly. Eyfríðr or Mistress Genèvieve if you are interested, so that materials needed can be planned and ordered. The construction of the Baronial tent will be schedule once Coronation is over.

One Vatavian heraldic proposal has been forwarded for registration. A consultation night will be held November 14th. Loud and friendly people are encouraged to consider doing voice heraldry. Changes needed on the website were noted. All minutes the Web Minister has received have been posted. The Chronicler put out an invitation for articles and artwork for the next Dragonflyre to be published on or before January 15, 2019.

The Exchequer reported a balance of $16,452.50. This does include the outstanding check from Valor. This check will be cancelled and reissued.

Fighter practice is periodic as weather permits. Indoor practice will commence in December and be held December 2nd and 16th. When practice is not possible cut and thrust fighters plan to meet to work on helms to replace fencing masks and to watch videos to learn techniques. Archery practice is on hiatus for the winter.

Vatavia’s rotation for Spring Crown is in 2020. Bids for this event will need to be in by April. Award recommendations are needed for both Baronial and Kingdom awards.

Once it is published in the Dragonflyre, applications will be open for the new office position for Social Media. This new office is a warranted position requiring membership and a social media account.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING October 3, 2018, American Legion post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

16 members: 9 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 5 members of the populace; 2 children

Coronation will be held here in January. Their Excellencies encouraged members to offer crash space to our visiting guests. There will be classes on banner making to help members produce banners for the event.

Presentations for Exploration Place are scheduled for October 28th and December 16th. Dates are being finalized for 2019 presentations on espionage in the Middle Ages and on historical trivia. Night of the Living Zoo is October 26th-28th. The deadline to contact Marie to volunteer is October 20th.

The Caltrop Herald thanked Donald and Jóhann for stepping up and doing heraldry at the Renaissance Festival when she was unable to. She encourages members interested in voice heraldry to become involved. Marie updated the status of Vatavian heraldic proposals in process.

Mistress Genèvieve announced a mini arts and sciences symposium to be held in conjunction with the Fall War College being hosted by Moonstone in Burlington on October 27th. Banner making classes will be schedule to help members prepare display for Coronation. HE Zoë offered to do a class on a Byzantine hat from the 12th-13th century. Genèvieve also thanked all artisans that presented at the Renaissance Festival.

The Web Minister has added links for monthly officers’ meeting minutes and finance committee minutes to the Baronial site. The Exchequer reported a balance of $17,139.22 with one check from Valor still outstanding.

Fighter practice will not be moving. It will continue at OJ Watson Park till the indoor practice starts. Potential new members have already been told to come to this site to find us. Archery practice has been posted for the next two weeks; and, then will shut down for the season.

The Seneschal has the lost and found from the Renaissance Festival and some prior gatherings. Their Excellencies have some also. A list was requested. A new Census will be compiled. The last was two years ago.

It was announced that Their Excellencies’ letters for the upcoming Crown Tournament were accepted. Contingency arrangements are already in place should he become the next Calontir Crown. They also announced an arts and sciences competition for cords or medallions at Winter Populace. The entries will become largess to the Baronage. A list will be provided Mistress Genèvieve is donating a set of feast gear to be made using the winner’s heraldry.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING September 5, 2018, American Legion post 256, 4301 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

20 members: 10 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 2 event steward; 6 members of the populace; 2 children

It was announced that His Excellency Uldin has received permission to fight in the upcoming Crown Tournament. Contingency arrangements are already in place should he become the next Calontir Crown.

Their Excellencies announced plans to attend the Moonschadowe event in Ansteorra the same weekend as Queen’s Prize. They encourage all others not attending QPT join them in supporting our southern cousins as they have supported us at our events.

The end of this month is the Renaissance Festival. The officers are organizing the different activities for their office. Her Excellency Sung is handling the pop booth schedule. All interested members must turn their names in to Robert the Scott prior to that weekend to be on the volunteer list for the Festival organizers to get free admission.

The Winter/Spring schedule for themed presentations and fighter practice is being finalized.

The deadline for officer letters for the 3rd quarter Dragonflyre is October 3rd. The June registrations of Vatavian proposals was announced. July decisions are expected toward the middle of this month.

The Exchequer announced a balance of $16,645.22. There will be a meeting of the financial committee after the Officers’ meeting.

The Fighter Marshal announced the practice schedule for the rest of the year: OJ Watson Park till the end of October; the first 3 weeks of November at South Linwood Park; December indoor practice at Exploration Place December 2nd, 9th, and 16th. His Excellency Uldin announced Wednesday evening practices at the American Legion when there is not an Officers’ meeting or populace meeting.

Archery practice will not be held September 9th due to the King’s Companie of Archers event.

The Seneschal announced the publication of the revised SCA Inc. Mission Statement. The new statement does not specify European or pre-17th century.

The warrants of the Fighter Marshal and Exchequer are up this December. Members interested in either position should turn application letters in to Their Excellencies, Seneschal, and the current officer,

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING August 8, 2018 American Legion Post 256 Richard Gilbert, 4301 Pawnee, Wichita, KS

16 members: 10 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 1 other member participated; 2 children

Their Excellencies encourage members to attend Horse and Falcon Labor Day weekend. Former Vatavian Dirik von Rosswald will be elevated to the Chivalry. Arts and Sciences Minister Eyfríðr encourages members as well to enter Queen’s Prize Tourney.

A presentation will be done at the Museum of World Treasures August 11th for their Customer Appreciation Day. This Fall’s Renaissance Festival will be organized by the Officers Corps. The next Exploration Place presentations are the end of October on monsters in the bestiaries and December 16th on games. The same weekend in October is the Night of the Living Zoo.

The Caltrop Pursuivant announced the posting of the External Letter for Calontir. Decisions on Vatavian proposals that were made in June have not yet been received. Interested members are encouraged to try voice heraldry.

The Chronicler passed on a message from the Kingdom Chronicler on timelines for publishing event fliers. She has a copy of the guidelines for those event stewards needing it. Castellan Øyrikr has had positive results from the fliers in a local gaming venue. These new Society members just happen to be from outside Vatavia.

The Exchequer Margaret reported a balance of $16,776.90. There will be a finance committee meeting after the Officers’ meeting to discuss the prices found for canvas for making new tents.

The Fighter Marshal and Archer Marshal had no changes to report. It was announced that there would be no archery at the Fall Renaissance Festival due to safety concerns related to unsafe actions by Festival attendees.

Their Excellencies brought up the need for a procedure for notifying members of cancellations and changes on local activities. Such information must go through official channels It was stressed that Facebook is not an official site.

The Seneschals office announced an opening for a Deputy for Social Media.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING July 16, 2018 American Legion Richard Gilbert Post 256 4301 Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas

12 members were present: 8 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 2 members of the populace participated

The next Kingdom event in Vatavia will be Coronation in January 2019. Members are encouraged to travel to other events. The schedule of presentations is set for the rest of the year at Exploration Place. December will be on toys and games to tie in with the fall exhibit there, Toytopia. The invitation from the Museum of World Treasures to again be part of their Customer Appreciation Day August 11th has been accepted. Ld. Øyrikr will be organizing this demo.

The Caltrop Herald encourages interested individuals to become involved with voice heraldry. It was announced that 4 Vatavian proposals have been registered. The quarterly Dragonflyre has been posted on the Baronial website.

The Exchequer reported a balance of $17,406.97. She noted there was still one bill from Valor for over $700 still needing to be paid. Replacing, repairing and modifying the Baronial tent stakes to prevent injuries was discussed.

Fighter practice is on summer hours: 10 am until it is too hot. When OJ Watson Park is unavailable practice will be held at the auxiliary site at South Linwood Park. Padding on helmets is now included as part of the equipment inspection. Fighters need to check theirs in order to continue to pass this inspection. It was announced that Exploration Place has extended an invitation for the fighters to have indoor practice in their Water Way Hall again this winter.

Their Majesties requested award recommendations be sent in. It was also stressed to give specifics and details, instead of general statements as to what an individual being recommended has done. Since there are no Kingdom events locally until next year include events that you know the individual will be attending.

Both the Knight Marshal and Exchequer noted that their warrants are up in December. The Exchequer has discussed extending her tenure, if need be, with her Kingdom Officer.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING June 2, 2018 OJ Watson Park, 3022 S McLean Blvd, Wichita, Kansas, 67217

29 members: 11 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 14 members of the populace; 2 children; 2 newcomers

The schedule of Exploration Place presentations for the rest of the year has been finalized: July 29 on sharks in period; October 28th Things That Go Bump in the Night on monsters, and December 16th with a scavenger hunt. A special request for their summer camp will be done June 20th on daily life and ‘Medieval Survivor’. Night of the living Zoo is October 26th-28th.

The deadline for the next Dragonflyre issue will be Sunday July 1st. Articles, photos and artwork are requested as always. Also on site reports on Lilies activities would be appreciated so they can be included. The website has been updated with the awards received at Valor and the Valor tournament and competition winners. Numerous heraldic proposals are in process at the national level. The Chatelaine proposes to schedule modern meetings at local venues for newer members to just talk about what we do.

Archery practice and fighter practice continue on Sundays at O.J. Watson Park. There was no practice June 2nd due to a graduation party. There will be no practice at OJ Watson June 10th due to the River Festival volleyball tournament. The cut and Thrust Marshal reminded fighters that their armor needs to be punch tested every two years for wear and tear. Weapons and blades need to be checked as well since failure can occur in an old blade without any sign of flaw, blemish, crack, etc.

Their Excellencies thanked everyone who helped make Valor look so great and look so easy. Thanks to a Moonstone volunteer the gate shit for Vatavia at Lilies has been stretched. Her Excellency will be posting about donations of non-perishable items for the meal to be served for Vashti at the Broken Harp Wednesday at Lilies. Other foog items will be obtained the day prior.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING May 9, 2018 Spangles 612 S. Broadway, Wichita, Kansas

15 members: 10 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 2 event steward and deputy; 3 members of the populace

Officers were updated on the Valor final planning. Specifics on registration procedures and ticket sales for tavern were discussed. The designated smoking area will have a shade fly and table and will be indicated on the site map. Arrangements have been made for using the pool. Only those individuals who help with site set up Friday will be allowed on site before 5 pm. There will be no reserving camping space. Designated areas for Royals pavilions will be done and marked ahead of time.

The schedule of Exploration Place presentations for the rest of the year has been done: July 29 on sharks and mail; October 28th on monsters, and December 16th.

The status of 14 Vatavian heraldic proposals was given. Twelve are at Laurel (national) and two on the current internal Kingdom letter. It was announced that voice heralds are needed for Valor. The next Dragonflyre issue will be in July. Articles and artwork are needed. The website has been updated with the current Champions. Eyfríðr will resume scheduling arts and sciences classes once a new meeting location is decided.

The Exchequer is awaiting this month’s bank statement. The balance is approximately $12,000. It was noted that all scheduling, scheduling changes and location changes must go through official sites. Facebook is not an official means of communication.

Archery practice and fighter practice continue on Sundays at O.J. Watson Park. It was decided in advance that there will be no indoor fighter practice at Exploration Place on Sunday December 23rd.

Their Excellencies presented the three possible sites under consideration for Officers’, arts and sciences and possibly populace meetings. These are the American Legion Post where populace has been meeting, a private residence, unoccupied owned by ‘Doc’ and Genevieve, and the La Familia Community Center on 21st near Woodland Park. Specifics on each location were given. Feedback was obtained form the officers present. The information will be posted for comments from the populace. Before a final decision is made.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING March 7, 2018 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

15 members: 11 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 1 member who participated in the meeting and two children

RUSH in Moonstone is the end of this month. Kingdom Arts and Sciences is in April. Valor is coming up May 26th-27th. Locally we have the Spring Renaissance Festival April 21st – 22nd . The Officer Corps will be organizing this demonstration. Champions’ will be April 28th.

The next presentation at Exploration Place is May 6th on “Arms Armor and Archery”. Dates for presentations there June- December are being scheduled. Tentative dates and subjects were proposed but not finalized. In October there is a presentation for the Scandinavian Society on Viking culture and the annual Night of the Living Zoo.

HE Zoë, Caltrop, announced that the first of a series of educational heraldic posts that she is doing had been made. Information on heraldic subjects and specific resources will continue. Special area of interest can be requested. A request to have the Caltrop office do a consultation table at RUSH using the Vatavian reference library was approved. The status of 10 proposals in process was summarized. The Baronial website has added more personal shield pictures to the site.

Work for the next issue of the Dragonflyre has begun. Officers’ letters are to be in by Sunday March 11th. Three classes in arts and sciences have been scheduled: Torin on period fly fishing; Lucia, calligraphy part II; and Catlin, the Bayeaux Tapestry stitch. One of the Valor Prizes will be a Star Wars scene pillow done in the Bayeaux stitch. Eyfríðr and the Castellan have been working to find new sites for arts and sciences and populace meetings.

Vatavia’s Exchequer has been working with Moonstone on the finances for their RUSH event. As the sponsoring Barony all the finances will run through our account until their bank account has been established. At that time all profits from the event will be transferred to them. The current account balance is $12,036.20, taking into account all checks made out at the meeting.

The Calontir Falcon scissor thrones are to be received soon for storage in Vatavia. It ensures the Crown will have chairs on site during events here and reduce Their packing requirements. It was announced that Ly. Eyfríðr is taking money for Valor T-shirt orders.

The Castellan has begun participation in an online forum to develop recruitment strategies across Calontir. He reported several interest forms being done the last indoor fighter practice.

The last indoor fighter practice for this season will be March 28th. Practice will resume outside April 8th at O.J. Watson Park. It has been requested to demonstrate stretching routines to warm up for different martial activities. Archery practice will resume alongside fighter practice once all the necessary paperwork with the park is finalized.

His Excellency requested all Vatavians attending Lilies War consider volunteering to staff the Barony’s gate shift the first Sunday. He will be bringing lunch. Vashti of Westumbria has requested Vatavia do a luncheon one of the two days she will be doing the road show in the arts and sciences area. This will be posted for those going to Lilies to respond.

It was announced that at the War ANY open flame items, including candles, need to have a working, current dated fire extinguisher present.

Since no bid was received to organize the Spring Renaissance Festival all officers should have their Festival plans ready by next month’s Officers’ meeting

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING February 7, 2018Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

15 members: 9 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 3 event stewards; 1 member and two children

Pre- registration for Gulf Wars must be in by February 14th and members must indicate the Kingdom as Calontir. Otherwise assigned camping could be in the overflow camping area. It was announced that there would be golf carts available for transportation for individuals requiring it. at Lilies War. It was stressed that anyone appropriating a cart for personal use will be banned form the war.

Valor has the site reserved and the equestrian insurance done. The area for the equestrians’ area is already designated on the site map. There will be a raffle for two period style hoods by the event steward, Ly Maria. The raffle will be for those providing service at the event. Their Majesties will draw the winners. Ansteorran Royalty will be attending with a large contingent.

It was announced that Vatavia’s bid for Winter Coronation at the Ville in Andover in 2019 was accepted. It is hoped that future events can be held at this very special venue. It was stressed that a good first impression will help towards that end.

The local Champions’ event has been scheduled for April 28th with an alternate date of April 29th in case of inclement weather. The bardic theme is anything not Viking; and, the arts and sciences theme is a dragonfly in any media. The next demonstration will be March 4th at Exploration Place on the subject of flight in the Middle Ages.

The Caltrop Pursuivant, HE Zoë, is working on online flash cards, matching and quizzes for individuals to become comfortable with heraldic terminology. There are also planned monthly or quarterly posts on specific cultures or time period resources for names. Requests are welcomed. Three proposals were decided in January. The results are expected in the near future. Another name and shield proposals just went to Laurel/ national. The Chronicler announced she would be able to continue in the office. The Web Minister has several more shield to add to the website.

There will be a calligraphy class taught by HL Lucia at Make ICT February 28th. A largess call is anticipated for Gulf Wars. With the addition of the Ansteorran Royalty at Valor there will be a largess project evening at this month’s populace meeting.

The Exchequer reported a balance of $12,559.38. The Valor site and the equestrian insurance has been paid. Some tax paperwork for donations to the group need to be done.

Fighter practice continues at Exploration Place on Sundays. Practice February 18th is cancelled due to War Maneuvers that weekend in Mag Mor. It was announced that new policy from Society requires off the head inspection of all helm interior padding. This included the cut and thrust equipment. Rapier deputy HL William will be padding the back of the loaner masks.

The Society Seneschal has stated that anyone posting another person’s personal information on websites will be in serious trouble. Such actions in the Society will not be tolerated.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING January 3, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

20 members and 2 children were present: 12 Baronage/ officers/deputies/champions and 7members attended the meeting.

The next presentations are both at Exploration Place January 28th on games and March 11th on flight. The invitation to their Mini Maker Faire in July will be declined due to it conflicting with Calon Con.

There are currently over ten Vatavian proposals in process for registration. The decision results should be received for 5 items by Spring. Due to the large response to the 12th Night gift fee rate several members proposals will not go out until the end of January letter. Contact Caltop or the staff for specific information. Contact information for the new officers, arts and sciences and Caltrop Pursuivant, are already posted on the Baronial web site. The new Caltrop would like to encourage members to join her in learning about heraldry voice and book. Plans are in process for new fliers. Contact information for the group is to be distributed to local area ‘hang outs’.

There is a little over $12,500 currently in the account. The deposit for the Valor site, Whispering Winds, has already been made. The Domesday report is awaiting the December bank statement and any inventory lists and/ or updates for property not stored in the property shed or held by an officer. Individuals were reminded to get these in.

Fighter practice will resume this Sunday January 7 at Exploration Place, Water Way Hall, past the gift shop. Archery is on winter hiatus. Marshals who wish to continue as marshals were reminded to get their reports in.

Their Excellencies have received two inquiries about activities at Lilies War. One was gate shifts. After a brief discussion it is the group preference to continue doing Sunday. Lady Vashti has requested snacks for the arts and sciences discussion hour she is responsible for at the War.

The Seneschal reminded all officers to get their quarterly reports in and Domesdays, if they have those as well. There has been no applications to organize the Spring Renaissance Festival in April. It there are none it will be planned by the officers. The Champions’ made plans to meet after the Officers’ meeting to discuss the plans for this years Champions’ event.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING December 6, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

17 members were present: 11 officers/deputies/event stewards; 3 members participated in the meeting

Work and final planning for Valor in 2018 will start up after the first of the year. The Officer corps will be responsible for the organization and running of this Spring’s Great Plains Renaissance Festival. It was announced that Westumbria has posted their Hibernatus Interruptis event for March 24, 2018.

The last Exploration Place demo for this year will be on December 17th. Preparations are being finalized for that presentation. Work on the March 11, 2018 themed presentation on flight will begin after that. A request to do a hands-on demo at a children’s STEM engineering expo March 24th-25th will be declined due to man power needs and a conflicting event. In 2018 is also the Scandinavian Society presentation October 13th on Scandinavian culture.

The deadline for the special on reduced heraldic fees is December 31st. Items with all paperwork and payment must be to the Kingdom Eyas Herald or a local herald by then. At December populace HL Jóhann will be stepping down as the Caltrop Pursuivant and HE Zoë Mikre assuming that office. The upcoming Arts and Sciences classes are Lief’s series on leather working. It was announced that the Arts and Sciences Minister Maria will be stepping down January 31, 2018. The applicant will have her interview after this Officers’ meeting. The deadline for officer letters for the 4th quarter Dragonflyre is January 3rd. Artwork and articles need to be in as well, but will gladly be accepted earlier. Heraldry has been added to the local website.

As of the November bank statement the Exchequer reported a balance of approximately #12, 050. After inventorying the archery equipment recommendation will be made for funds for replacements and repairs.

Winter indoor fighter practice started at Exploration Place December 3rd at the new location in the Water Way Hall past the Explore Store. There will be practices the 10th and 17th. Practice will resume January 7, 2018 after the Christmas and new Year’s weekends. Archery continues on hiatus until Spring.

A bid was received for the Vatavian rotation for Coronation January 2019. The proposed site is the Ville at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Andover. General information was provided on site amenities, expenses, and gate fees.

The meeting adjourned. The interview was conducted after Their Excellencies arrived.

OFFICERS’ MEETING November 1, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

23 members and 2 children were present: 11 Baronage/ officers/deputies and 2-4 members participated in the meeting

The winter Calontir events Toys for tots and Kris Kinder are coming up. It was announced that the storage building for the Toys for Tots donations was broken into, six large containers stolen and the remaining items destroyed. Members attending the event or sending donations are asked to keep this in mind.

The Valor web site and Facebook pages are up. Staff contacts are available on the website. There will be Equestrian activities. The arts and sciences completions have been decided and posted. Fliers are ready to be distributed. Several announcements at event courts have been scheduled. Their Highnesses have stated Their plans to attend. There will be a feast.

The October demos and presentations have been completed. The next presentation will be at Exploration Place December 17th on Heroes of the Middle Ages. Demos and demo requests for 2018 were announced.

Two more Vatavian proposals have been forwarded to Laurel/national for registration. Voice heralds will be needed for the upcoming Toys for Tots event. The series of leatherworking classes has been scheduled for arts and sciences. There will be a repeat of the Leatherworking 101 the first weekend of this month. Their Excellencies are hosting a weekend of armoring and sewing at Their residence. The Honorable Lady Roise is coming down to help on sewing projects.

There was nothing new to report from the Chronicler or Web Minister. The signature card for the bank has been finalized. There is a balance of over $14,000 currently.

The last outdoor fighter practice of the year October 29th was well attended with good weather also. Practice will resume at the indoor Exploration Place site December 3rd and the following 2 Sundays. There will be no practice December 24th or 31st. Archery is on hiatus. It will resume in the Spring.

Several bids are needed. Vatavia’s rotation for Coronation for the Spring of 2019 will be needed soon. Bids are also needed for the local Spring Renaissance Festival. If no bid/bids are received for the Festival each local officer will be responsible to organize his office’s activities for this local event.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING October 4, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

25 members:15 Baronage/ officers/deputies/ 1 event steward and 2 members participated in the meeting; 3 children

There are numerous opportunities before the winter season starts with the usual winter projects. Border Skirmishes and regional fighter practices are scheduled for this month. Crown Tournament is October 14th. Those able to provide voice heraldry for the Toys for Tots tournament in Wyvern Cliffe November 18th are encouraged to attend and help.

Locally there are several presentation planned. October 14 is Steampunkesque in Mulvane. October 29th is the themed presentation on costuming at Exploration Place. The evenings of October 27th-29th are the annual Night of the Living Zoo. It was announced that the presentation at Tsunami Con October 7th had been cancelled. A request by the Museum of World Treasures for late period garb presentation from 6-7pm October 19th was declined with regrets.

Plans for Valor here May 26th-27th, 2018 continue. Area heads were announced. Those out of town staff will have rooms available for them on site. Plans will be more finalized after Crown and Their Highnesses progress plans are made.

Beginning October 25th a series of classes on leather working will begin. Anything you can make with leather from armor to jacks will be covered. Members are encouraged to attend and teach at Spring events: Clothiers in the Kansas City area the beginning of February and RUSH in Moonstone/ Emporia March 31, 2018. Their Excellencies will be hosting sewing and armoring at their home starting October 27th and the beginning of November. Five Vatavian items are currently in process: two at national and three at the Kingdom level. The Web Minister announced that the local web site is up to date.

The Exchequer reported a balance of $14, 607.02. All local paperwork for the bank signature card has been completed. The quarterly report will be completed once the last month statement is received.

The fighter practice will continue through this month at OJ Watson Park. The last practice will be the 29th at the regional fighter practice in Moonstone. Practice will then go on hiatus until it resumes in December at Exploration Place. There will be no practices December 24th and 31st. Archery has shut down until Spring when outdoor fighting practice resumes.

The Seneschal read the changes to Kingdom Law, specifically the Order of Precedence and Sumptuary Laws. These changes were to add the Order of Defense to the Bestowed Peerages, sumptuary use of coronets and chains, and description of the peerage cloak for the Order, blue lined with white on the back the badge of the order- three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed.

OFFICERS’ MEETING September 6, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

22 members: 13 Baronage/ officers/deputies and 3 member participated in the meeting; 2 children

Their Excellencies, the event steward, area heads and Seneschal thanked everyone for their efforts and contributions at Valor: making food, making scrolls, prizes, gifts, gate, set up, tear down, etc.

There are events and presentation opportunities every weekend for September and October. King’s Company September 9th- 10th , Queen’s Prize in Theobald September 16th , the local thank you BBQ for OJ Watson Park staff September 17th, The Great Plains Renaissance Festival September 23rd- 24th. Their Excellencies Three Rivers invited Vatavia to attend Their Gryphon’s Fest the end of September and beginning of October. Their Excellencies Uldin and Sung encourage those able to attend that event.

October 7th a display is planned at the Tsunami gaming convention. October 14th is the Steampunesque Mulvane demonstration. The evenings of October 27th-29th is the annual Night of the Living Zoo. The 29th is also the Exploration Place costuming presentation. The last EP themed presentation is December 17th on Heroes of the Middle Ages.

Two name proposals have been forwarded to Laurel. Decision results are still to be received. Three local members consulted at Valor on names and one shield. The Arts and Sciences deputy reported no currently scheduled classes. An artisan road show is planned for the Fall Ren Festival. The deadline for letters, artwork and articles for the Dragonflyre is October 4th.

The Exchequer reported a balance of $14,688.72. Valor bills will be settled this evening. The caretaker of the Whispering Winds, the Valor site, discussed the possibility of the group building permanent structures on the site. Discussions will continue to determine the feasibility and plan accordingly.

Fighter practice will continue with summer hours through the end of October. After the regional practice October 29th in Theobald practice will go on sabbatical. Armoring and projects will be held in November at Their Excellencies home. Archery will not hold practice September due to the events on the calendar. The Archer Marshal will be available to discuss archery and missile weapon activities with interested individuals. There will be an archery booth at the Fall Festival.

Kingdom law was reviewed on some situations. Attendees at events and activities are to make a reasonable attempt at period garb. Events are to have designated smoking areas that do not interfere with routes to activity areas. Smoking can occur in these areas and personal camps. Additionally, questions on a fighter’s authorization should be brought to the marshal in charge, a warranted marshal or a knight. Gate registration questions should go to the event steward and/or Seneschal. Pets are to be under their owner’s control.

OFFICERS’ MEETING August 2, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

26 members and 2 children were present: 15 Baronage/ officers/deputies and 1 member participated in the meeting

August 12th will be a presentation of actual demonstrations of arts and sciences at the Museum of World Treasures’ Customer Appreciation Day from 10 am to 2 pm. All volunteers must sign up in advance. A request has been accepted to participate October 14th in Steampunkesque Mulvane. Details will be posted once things are finalized. There is a possibility that starting with Valor that there will be events or presentations for 10 weeks. Currently the only other scheduled presentations are at Exploration Place October 29th on costuming and December 18th on heroes of the Middle Ages.

A pinch pot class will be done at Make ICT Wednesday August 9th. As one of the official classes, students will need to sign up through the Make ICT site. There is a $10 fee to cover materials and first firing. Her Excellency Sung announced that in October or November she will begin holding sewing evenings at their home monthly. FlíR Fróðason and Katrina Weiss have name proposals on the current internal letter of heraldic items. A summary of the heralds’ meeting at Calon Con was given.

Fighter practice will continue to start at 10:00 am for the summer. The Archer Marshal will be acquiring some stumps. Thrown weapons will then be possible during regular archery practice. It was also announced that thee would be thrown weapons activities at Valor.

The Seneschal specifically thanked Lief and Dýfinna and Robert for helping haul Baronial property for Masters of the Duel when the truck previously used was unavailable.

Their Excellencies encouraged all members of the populace to write award recommendations, especially for the GoA and Peerage level awards.

There being no other business and two other meetings for the evening the Officers’ meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING July 5, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

16 members were in attendance: 10 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 5 members of the populace; 1 visiting former Vatavian

Confirmation was received today from Exploration Place for Vatavia being part of their July 23rd Maker Faire event. The Knight Marshal requested to be set up near the entrance on the grass. The indoor presentation will be over all the aspects of Society activities. It was requested and approved to do Napier’s bones as a guest hands on activity. August 12th the Barony will be joining the Museum of World Treasures for their Customer Appreciation Day from 10 am- 2 pm. This presentation will require interested members volunteering in advance in order to get on the required event check in list. Further information for both demos will be posted as more details are available. The remaining presentations at Exploration Place are October 29th, Costuming and December 17th, Heroes of the Middle Ages.

Event season is in full swing with events or presentations almost weekly. Members are encouraged to attend and to volunteer. Masters of the Duel, which originally started in Vatavia, will be held here once again July 22nd. At least one more person is needed for set up. There will be more opportunities the day of the event to help. Baronial property needed for the event and its transportation to the site will be worked out by the event staff. It is hoped Masters of the Duel will become a regular official Kingdom event in the near future.

It was announced that Astriðr’s name, badge, and device, Darius’s device and Volu-Dýrfinna’s device have been registered. The status of other heraldic proposals remains unchanged. The deadline for the next Dragonflyre is July 5th; it will be published in July by the 15th. Donations were requested for the child’s and adult’s prize bags for the December scavenger hunt during the Heroes of the Middle Ages demo. The Chatelaine encouraged non fighters also to continue to attend fighter practices. Pre-prints for the coming reign and the Baronial painting materials will be brought to the next arts and sciences meeting.

The signature card is ready for finance members to sign. Those officers are encouraged to take care of this as soon as feasible.

Fighter practice will change to summer hours starting at 10 am in the very near future. The change will be posted on all Baronial social media when the change occurs. Members are encouraged to continue attending the practice. It was reported there have been 30 or more attending, with other activities and arts and science projects being done as well. Winter fighter practice will start in December at Exploration Place.

This Sunday fighter practice, July 9th, it is planned to do something special since this will be the last fighter practice for Their Graces Garick and Yasamin.

William thanked all the officers for making his job easy. He reminded everyone that the quarterly reports will be due in a week and a half. Getting reports in early makes his job easier. It was stressed that late delivery counts as late; before 9 pm is his personal deadline. Getting reports in on time, or earlier, makes his job easy since his regional has to have everything compiled by the 20th. The quarterly reports deadline coincides with the Calon Con for officers. All are highly encouraged to attend or send a representative so as to have information on changes, new items being implemented, and any other announcements. It was added that this is a business meeting and garb is not required.

Letters of application for the position of Herald are due by July 19th. Office change over will be in December. The new Seneschal has been selected, Lady Caitlin Marie. It was noted she has filled this position before. She will take over in a couple months when HL William steps down.

His Grace Garick delivered the new Baronial coronets. He remarked that he realized that they were driving out next Tuesday but his tools were leaving before then. There were jokes about how to get HE Uldin’s coronet to fit properly. Their Graces were specifically thanked for being the event stewards for the event here last April

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING June 7, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

17 were in attendance; two were children: 12 Baronage/ officers/deputies;

Last minute preparations for Lilies required several officers and members attention. The meeting was kept to essentials. A financial meeting was needed after the regular meeting.

The next special subject presentation at Exploration Place will be July 23rd during their special Maker Faire event. It will be over all the aspects of Society activities. August 12th the Barony will be joining the Museum of World Treasures for their Customer Appreciation Day from 10 am- 2 pm. This presentation will require interested members volunteering in order to get on the required event check in list.

Those members attending Lilies are encouraged to display their personal heraldry, especially the new banners made during last month’s classes. Members were also encouraged to take the learning opportunity provided by the artisans road show at the event. Also assistance would be appreciated with heraldic duties.

Valor on Labor Day weekend will have a Middle Eastern theme for arts and sciences: Crusaders vs Saladin.

The next Arts and Sciences class will be in July on embroidery and favor making. The date is still to be finalized. The status of heraldic proposals remains unchanged. The Barony website has been updated on the Champions and Order of Precedence. It was noted that certain parts of the website have not been updated since 2013. Rewording will be done to clarify the status of different parts of the site. The next Dragonflyre will be published in July.

There is currently a balance of $10,877.32 in the Baronial account. A donation was received at the Champions’ event and will be deposited.

Archery practice has been cancelled due to the volleyball tournament just on the other side of the park fence and due to Lilies. The combat and cut and thrust practice has been cancelled as well.

Their Excellencies announced that 2018 Horse and Falcon and Valor dates will be traded. This is a trial change in order to see the effect the dates have on each event. Vatavians are strongly encouraged to attend and support the Forgotten Sea event Labor Day 2018. This change will put Valor on Memorial Day.

It was clarified that the Baronial luncheon on Thursday is not intended nor planned to feed all 800 but only 100 individuals. There had been some misconceptions.

William thanked all the officers for the job they are doing. He reminded everyone that the quarterly reports will be due in about three weeks. Getting them in on time makes his job easy.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING May 3, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

19 were in attendance: 11 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 1 other member participated in the meeting; 1 child

The Champions’ event was rescheduled the end of April to June 4th due to the inclement weather. Despite the weather the beginning of the Renaissance Festival it was a success in several ways. The arts and sciences road show drew in several interested guests. Archery was well received. Both were recommended for the next Festival.

The schedule of presentations for Exploration Place has been finalized: May 7th Engineering, July 23rd smorgasbord of all our activities, October 29th Costuming, and December 19th to tie in with Heroes exhibit, The Nine Worthies. There has been no contact from Moline about the requested presentation there late June.

Her Excellency announced that the Baronial shift for gate at Lilies has been fully staffed. The Baronial luncheon will be Thursday afternoon at the War. It was learned that the availability of ice on site has been resolved.

Two new name proposals have been forwarded to national. Results have not been received for other Vatavian items. Additional items are being processed locally. This month all the arts and sciences classes will be on each step for making silk banners . There has been so much interest that individuals are requested to bring their own frame materials. An embroidery class is tentatively scheduled for in June. The next Dragonflyre will be in July.

The Baronial website has some links that are bad and have been updated or deleted. The Exchequer reported a balance of $11,817.83. The new procedure implemented with Eagles Realm had the gratuity received at the end of the Festival, which brings us up to current with them. It was reported that the archery concession raised $210 for the one day it was able to operate.

There will be a meeting with Sir Wulfric at fighter practice this Sunday May 7th to discuss starting youth combat in Vatavia, There were a couple of new authorizations made at the Renaissance Festival.

Applications are open for the position of Seneschal. The current Seneschal will step down after Valor and remain as deputy to that office. The Caltrop Pursivant announced that after 4 ½ years he will be stepping down December 31st.

The meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING April 17, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

16 were in attendance: 11 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 2 event stewards and 3 members participated in the meeting.

Last minute announcements, set up and other details were covered for the upcoming Crown Tournament April 8th. Set up will start at 8 am. It was announced that there would be an arts and sciences round table at this event. Since we are the first to use the new Andover outdoor space policy members are asked to be aware and follow the guidelines. On July 22nd we will be back at the same site for the Masters of the Duel.

The next presentation at Exploration Place will be on May 7th on engineering focusing on machines. Their trebuchet will be available to use that day. Future presentations for June through December are being scheduled. Potential dates and times were discussed. They will be finalized with Exploration Place April 8th due to publishing deadlines. The schedule will be posted after that. The after school presentation at West High School being organized by Øyurikr for April 25th has been approved by their administration. He is finalizing details, which include martial activities.

The Renaissance Festival will have each officer handling their areas in the Dell .Arts and Sciences will be a road show instead of a display set up. The Exchequer will be organizing the pop booth workers. There will be archery done this year as well. Members were reminded to plan incase of inclement weather.

The Champions’ event is April 30th. The different competition details will be posted once each Champion has set the criteria for their contest. There will be a period pot luck.

The Vatavian gate shift at Lilies currently has only one volunteered signed up. Another volunteered during the meeting. .Vatavia will be doing a Baronial luncheon of light foods on the Thursday of the event. Four or Five members will be needed that day to assist. Four members are sponsoring tournaments during Lilies and will need the help of heralds and marshals.

There has been no new information received regarding the status of heraldic proposals. Members are encouraged to bring personal banners for display at Crown. Voice heralds will be needed for this event and for those Lilies tournaments our members are sponsoring at Lilies. The Dragonflyre was being compiled and will be ready on time.

Classes are still being scheduled for arts and sciences. Contact the Ministers if there is a class you would like or one you want to teach. Classes are not limited to Wednesdays at Make ICT since weather has outdoor activities possible with the option for classes that are large, messy or loud. April 12th Ly. Margaret will do a class on prayer beads with a chance to make your own set. A three part banner making class will start May 10th at Make ICT with the second part May14th at fighter practice and concluding at Make ICT May17th. There will be a fee however all materials will be supplied.

There is $8,147 in the Baronial account. The outstanding checks for last year are those for the two events in Andover in April and July. The Ren Festival gratuity is to be received the evening of last day of the Festival.

All Baronial property will be taken to the Renaissance Festival April 22nd-23rd. Once that is concluded all property will be taken to the new storage location. Everyone was asked to come to assist with the unloading.

Fighter practice has been dealing with inclement weather. It was also noted that the park had relocated the tables in an effort to promote grass re-growth. Any concerns by the park as to our use and its effect on the grounds will be dealt with as they arise.

The Seneschal is still seeking applications for the office. He will be stepping down this Fall. He reminded all officers that reports are due. It was noted that online forms with multiple cc entries result in no one receiving a report. It was recommended to send to yourself and then forward the report where needed.

The meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING March 1, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita KS

22 were in attendance: 18 Baronage/ officers/deputies and 1 other member participated; 2 children

Due to the upcoming Gulf War that Their Excellencies, the Seneschal, and other Vatavians are attending the Populace meeting has been rescheduled to March 22 at the regular VFW location. March 15 will be a regular arts and sciences night at Make ICT.

Crown Tournament will be held here next month. Items requested for the fund raiser auction will be checked at Populace the 22nd. The fund raiser could be postponed until Queen’s Prize. Members are encouraged to attended Queen’s Prize in Theobald this Fall. It was noted they often come and volunteer to help at our events.

Those members who participated in the cub scout demo Sunday February 26th were thanked. A photographer provided 30-40 photos to the group of that demo. Several pieces of garb have been received for the presentation March 7th to the Wichita Sewing guild at 1:30. March 12th is the presentation at Exploration Place on Visual Literacy- Heraldry. Their next presentation is scheduled on May 7th which has no specific subject at this time. It was suggested that a new presentation on the Nine Worthies could be developed to tie in with the next traveling exhibit on Heroes.

The Castellan has several teens interested in attending our Champions’ event the end of April. He has also sent information to all the Social Studies teachers of district 259. It was suggested having some token or item to provide to interested individuals coming to Vatavian events, similar to the Kingdom providing mugs to first time Kingdom event attendees. Other potential venues for Vatavian presentations were mentioned. A new Arthurian movie coming out in May was also mentioned as an opportunity.

Arts and Sciences classes are still being scheduled. Outdoor classes during fighter practice are highly encouraged. One is already scheduled for May. Members were asked to keep the A and S Ministers informed of their activities in this area: projects, including making largess and auction items, competitions entered or attended, classes at Kingdom events, etc.

Two new name proposals have been sent directly to the Submission’s Herald, Saker, by some very new members. May 1st a change in the proposal process will be made. Items will be sent to the Eyas Herald, Mistress Dorcas Whitecap for internal letters. Saker HL Gotfrid von Swaben will be handling external letters to national/ Laurel. It was also announced that Ld. Myghal of Theobald is the deputy for the Gerfalcon regional herald.

The new Exchequer reported a balance of about $8000. There is a bill from the storage facility, U-Store. A $50 donation was received from the cub scouts for the presentation done February 26th. The Web Minister reported the sit had been updated. The deadline for officer letters is March 29th. The next Dragonflyre will be on the art of combat and Spring.

The new Fighter Marshal, Kagemoto-san, announced that practice has made the Spring move to outside. Their Excellencies, after receiving council from members and considering various factors and amenities, have decided to continue to have all martial activities held on Sundays at OJ Watson Park. As of War Maneuvers there are four new marshals in training for Vatavia. Archery practice will resume actual shooting March 12th after the ponies are relocated to their Spring/Summer pasture.

The Caltrop Pursuivant announced that the position for his deputy is still open. It was noted that the office is not one held indefinitely. The Seneschal also is looking for a deputy. His warrant is up November and he will be stepping down. He would like interested individuals in place so that they may go through a couple reporting periods with him to learn the office requirements.

The sections of Corpora about events and member participation at events was read. Members are to wear an attempt at pre- 17th century garb. The term event also includes demos and populace meetings. Members were also reminded that the SCA waivers and insurance coverage is only in effect for the scheduled time of the event or demonstration. All other times it is the individual’s personal responsibility and liability.

The meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING February 1, 2017 Make ICT 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, KS

23 were in attendance: 15 Baronage/ officers/deputies/ 1 event steward and 2 other members participated; 2 children

Clothiers’ is this February 4th in Kansas City. The calendar is full for April. April 8th-9th is Crown tournament held here in Andover. April 15th-16th is Kingdom Arts and Sciences in Lonely Tower. April 22nd-23rd is the local Great Plains Renaissance Festival. It was proposed to have the local Champions’ event Sunday April 30th.

There is a full schedule of presentation requests. For February there is a Scouts’ Blue and Gold banquet fighting presentation being organized by Ld. Torin. March has two presentation requests; two in May; and an invitation to participate in the local Maker Fair in July.

Crown Tournament plans continue. An additional individual, who is a national member, is needed to handle Crown event registrations. Requirements are being determined to have the possibility of outdoor fighting at this event. Items for the auction were announced. More donation items are requested. Members were asked to consider providing crash space to visiting members attending. Contact Ly Maria with pertinent details if you wish to host visiting guests.

Two more Vatavians have proposals sent on for registration this month. Results are expected this Spring and Summer for all proposals currently at Laurel. The next issue of the Dragonflyre will be April 15th. Officers’ letters are due by March 29th. Book binding/ making and the final die making class are scheduled for February. Classes for 2017 are needed. It was noted that roundtable discussion topics can be used for a class. Classes can be held at other locations, such as spear techniques at a fighter practice.

The outgoing Exchequer reported a balance of about $8400 in the bank. Confirmation for the incoming Exchequer is expected soon. Baronial inventory lists will be checked and confirmed against the actual existing inventory at the designated locations.

The current Knight Marshal will be stepping down to take a Kingdom deputy position to the Earl Marshal. HL Kagemoto will be taking over the fighter practices at Exploration Place. Archery is still on Winter hiatus.

The deadline for Valor bids was extended 30 days. Some alternative sites that would better meet the current event needs have been found. Potential event stewards are encouraged to check with the Seneschal about these sites. Alternatives for organizing this event were mentioned.

A letter was received for the position of Chatelaine and was accepted. The necessary prerequisites are being finalized before the office changes hands.

There being no other business the meeting adjourned.

OFFICERS’ MEETING January 5, 2017 Make ICT, 1500 East Douglas, Wichita, KS

20 members were present : 12 Baronage/ officers/deputies; 2 event stewards

Staffing plans for the upcoming Crown Tournament here April 8, 2017 are starting. Interested individuals should contact the event stewards, HR Garick and HG Yasamin to volunteer. They are especially interested in individuals to help with gate, set-up and tear down, kitchen, and crash space specifically.

The schedule of the special presentations at Exploration Place was announced, the first being January 29th. Also announced were other presentations. Ld Torin is organizing the fighting presentation February 26th for a scouts’ Blue and Gold banquet. Lys Maria and Marie are working on the garb and costuming presentation March 7th for a sewing group. A request has been received from the Scandinavian Society for May 12th. No program specifics have been received to determine if we can honor this request.

The heraldic registration of Øyríkr’s shield was announced. Three other items at Laurel will be decided and notification sent during mid Spring/ mid Summer. One member’s proposal is currently pended at Saker, Kingdom level. It was proposed to have some arts and science classes this summer held in conjunction with the outdoor fighter practice. There are also plans to have largess work evenings, possibly in March.

The Exchequer announced that the gratuity from the Great Plains Renaissance Festival for several Festivals is $2173 and will be received in the next 30 days. A procedure has been established to have this done at the close of each Festival instead of waiting for it to be resolved later. The Domesday report is just awaiting the last bank statement for completion. The signature card is almost done as well. The current balance is $8,426.71.

Fighter practice will continue at Exploration Place until some time in March. This Sunday January 7th fighters need to not set up until after 12:00 due to the sensory friendly early admission that day. The Knight Marshal will be stepping down to assume the office of SW Regional Deputy to the Earl Marshal. Letters of intent should be sent to Their Excellencies, the Seneschal and him. Interested individuals do not have to have previously held this office. New applicants are strongly encouraged.

The Seneschal thanked the officers for doing their jobs well. Those who do not have a deputy are strongly encouraged to fill that position. He reminded everyone that quarterlies are due January 15th. His report, also due the 15th ,is a compilation of those reports he receives plus his own information. Timely receipt of officers’ reports is appreciated.

Event stewards are being sought for the Spring Renaissance Festival and Vatavia’s Valor event Labor Day.

Their Excellencies announced a pre-print party at Their residence this January 6th. It was requested that pre-prints be made available on Wednesdays for those unable to make the Friday meeting. Largess work nights were mentioned.

It was stressed that fund raising has been mentioned in the past but some of the suggestions need to actually be done. Relying on just the gratuity from Ren Festival does not necessarily meet the group’s needs. Currently the group is just running what is needed. There is maintenance that is needed. It was noted it would take only one poorly attended event to seriously deplete the finances. A silent auction at the upcoming Crown event was suggested by a member.

In a totally unrelated Society matter, it was announced that due to financial obligations of the estate the residence of the late Sharon Lawrence/ Kasamira Verena D’Arcy will be sold at auction at some time in the future.

The meeting adjourned.

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