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This is the contact list of officers for the Barony of Vatavia. Each contact person is listed by his or her Society name and then legal name in parentheses. All phone numbers are (316) area code, unless otherwise indicated. Please try to call before 9 p.m.


Baron and Baroness

Baron and BaronessThe Baron and Baroness are the representatives of the King and Queen, and speak in the Crown's voice in Their absence. They oversee the operation of the Barony as a whole, and represent the Barony to the Kingdom. They also serve as advisors to the Crown at the Crown's request. They have the right to bestow awards upon members of the Populace for their achievements or service.

His Excellency Lawrence Tailifer the Leech
Baron Lawrence Tailifer the Leech (Larry Bumgardner)


Her Excellency Genevieve de Chambery
Baroness Genevieve de Chambery (Kristina Griffith)



Seneschal The Seneschal is the Officer in charge of ensuring all regulations of the SCA, Inc. are fulfilled and takes care of all legal Matters. The Seneschal also assists other officers in the discharge of their duties, and reports regularly to the Kingdom Seneschal about the status of the group.

Lady Tove Brianesdohter

Deputy Seneschal



ChatelaineThe Castellan, a deputy of the Seneschal, greets new members, answers their questions, and assists them as necessary. They also maintains a supply of garb which may be loaned to newer members. The Castellan is also the public relations officer.
Scheduled Meet and Greets
Scheduled Demonstrations
Master Johann Steinarsson

Deputy Chatelaine

Demo Coordinator

This office liaisons and handles external requests for demonstrations/presentations received from other community organizations, schools and interest groups. The presentation may be organized by either the officer or another member of the group. The officer corps is responsible for organizing the local Renaissance Festivals. When asked or when a request cannot be accommodated resources may be provided or other group contacts offered.

Her Excellency Marie Chantal Delaire Her Excellency Marie Chantal Delaire (Mary)


Minister of Youth

Minister of Youth

Lady Fujihara Murasaki and Seneschal.



This officer collects and compiles materials relating to the history of the Barony of Vatavia, and composes a chronicle of this history to be available to the populace of Vatavia.

Honorable Lord Friar Thomas Bacon Honorable Lord Friar Thomas Bacon (David)



Herald The Herald has many duties. The Herald offers assistance to folks wishing to select a persona name and a coat of arms, and makes sure that your name and coat of arms are different from everyone else's. The Herald also organizes business for Court and speaks for the Crown or Coronet. Finally, the Herald is in charge of making announcements.

Caltrop Herald

Baroness Zoe Mikre

Deputy Caltrop Herald



Treasurer The Exchequer handles the money and balances the checkbook.

Lord Konrad von Roth

Property Minister

Lord Robert the Scot


Knight Marshal

Knight Marshal The Marshal is in charge of ensuring that combat is conducted safely, and he also organizes regular fighter practices. They help to train new fighters.
Scheduled Fighter Practices

Lord Corrigan MacKenzie

Deputy Knight Marshal

Sir Wulfric Tyrell


Cut & Thrust Marshal

Cut and Thrust combat is a type of fighting that uses blunt steel weapons. Armor typically consists of puncture resistant clothing along with a fencing mask and a few other items. Participants frequently study historic combat manuals, fight in tournaments, and engage in team melee battles.

Joachim Courtenay der Marxbruder

Deputry Cut and Thrust Marshal

Lord Hieronymus

Archer Marshal

Archer Marshal The Marshal is in charge of ensuring that archery is conducted safely, and they also organize regular archery practices.
Scheduled archery practices

Lady Astridr Birnudottir

Deputy Archer Marshal


Minister of Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences This officer organizes and supervises competitions, displays and learning seminars. They can also tell you who may be able to help you learn a specific art or craft.
Scheduled A&S activities

Lady Àlia Martialis

Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences

Lady Heidi Anne Draper  


Chronicler Vatavia has a monthly newsletter, called the Dragonflyre, which is distributed every three months. The Chronicler edits this publication, and is constantly looking for new writers and artists!

Heidi Anne Draper (Heidi Botkin)

Deputy Chronicler

Benjamin Rogers ( Matthais Worcestershire)



Webminister Keeps the Vatavian Web site current and up to date.

Lord Hieronymous.


Social Media Officer

Runs official social media channels such as Facebook, or Instagram. Honorable Lord William Douglas.

Officers, don't forget to complete an Activity Report Form for each activity held locally.


This is the contact list for the Baronial Champions of Vatavia. Each Champion is listed by his or her Society name and then legal name in parentheses. All phone numbers are (316) area code, unless otherwise indicated. Please try to call before 9 p.m.



Fighter Champion
Lord Bjorn Ulfsson



Archery Champion
Lord Robert the Scot



Bardic Champion
Sarah The Great


Estrĕdni Umelec

Arts & Sciences Champion
Astrid Arrowbreaker



Cut & Thrust Champion
Lord Hieronymus


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