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Roll of Arms and Precedence

This is Roll of Arms and Precedence of the Barony of Vatavia of the Kingdom of Calontir. Contained herein are those gentles who currently reside here, who have called Vatavia home in the years past, or have been recognized with an award from Vatavia. The purpose of this list is to attempt to display the awards and registered arms, devices, personal and household badges of Vatavia’s populace.


Populace of Vatavia (Alphabetically)

Please click on a letter below to navigate the alphabetical Roll of Arms and Precedence of the people in Vatavia.:
The online version of Vatavia's Roll of Arms is up-to-date through January of 2013, A.S. XLV. Kingdom level awards are up-to-date through September of 2013, A.S. XLV.

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Complete Roll of Arms and Precedence, listed alphabetically (2 MB file)


Roll of Arms and Precedence Documents

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and a data compression utility to view the following files. You may download the newest version of Adobe Acrobat reader for free from the Adobe Web site (  If you need an archive utility to uncompress the zip files, the Web Minister recommends Power Archiver (

Please be patient as downloading can be lengthy depending on the file size, network connection and/or speed of the computer you are using. It may take 5-20 minutes to download some of the larger files.

Roll of Arms and Precedence in PDF (about 340 KB, 135 pages)

Roll of Arms and Precedence in RTF (about 675 KB, 131 pages)
               RTF compressed download (about 65 KB)


Update Information

This is a constantly ongoing project, and is currently maintained by His Lordship Thomas Bacon (mundanely David Moreno).

The records found herein are considered to be current and as accurate as possible to the date listed below. However, there are bound to be some errors in a project this large — please let Lady Sung Sai-ęrh know if you happen to find any mistakes or omissions:

Please e-mail concerning corrections to an entry regarding the Order of Precedence.

For a registered name, device or badge that is listed incorrectly or has been omitted, please e-mail

Please include as much applicable information as possible. For instance, if you are wanting to submit a change of name spelling, include how the name is listed here and then the corrected spelling. If the update you are wanting to have changed or added is a Kingdom Level award, it is highly recommended that you also check Calontir’s Order of Precedence online to see if the change or addition needs to be reflected at Kingdom Level as well. You may also want to visit Calontir Online Armorial to check inclusion there as well.

The online version of Vatavia's Roll of Arms is up-to-date through June of 2017. The downloadable files are complete to January of 2013, A.S. XLV. Kingdom level awards are up-to-date through September of 2013, A.S. XLV.



Please note that while there are a number of names and arms contained in Vatavia's armorial that are registered, the Society's knowledge of Heraldry has progressed and so to have the Rules for Submission. A device that passed registration twenty years ago may not be considered good style today, and thus would not pass the current Rules for Submission. Therefore the names, devices and badges found here may or may not be registerable today. Vatavian's, please check with our local Caltrop Pursuivant with any questions or concerns regarding the Rules of Submission.

A note on leaves: Leaves are embellishments received for certain Baronial awards. You may have noticed that there is a lack of record of leaves here. You may also be wondering why... Do not despair! Your talents and efforts have not been forgotten. Our record keepers are just trying to catch up on all the leaf counting (of which there are so very many!). Until all leaves are accounted for, they will not be included here for the sake of simplicity. Thank you for your patience in this matter.



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